Cool Mini Treatment To My Neck Fat Went Well

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Performed 2017

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Even though I always ate right and exercised, I had an unwanted pocket of fat under my neck. I usually grew out a beard and the hair hid my double chin, so I wasn't bothered by it too much. Out of sight, out of mind.

All was fine and well until I got a corporate job and my boss told me 'it would be best for my career if I showed up to work clean shaven.' My boss was a nice guy, but he was very old school. He didn't keep up with the times.

Being forced to shave made me much more aware of my chin fat. I tried not to let it bother me for a while but did a little digging online and found out there were non-invasive fat reduction procedure that could help get rid of it. The two most popular treatments were Coolsculpting and Kybella treatments.

Kybella treatments involved getting a bunch of shots in your neck and Coolsculpting used fat freezing technology to get rid of the fat. I preferred having a cold device on my neck versus getting jabbed with needles.

The closest medical facility to where I lived that had the Coolsculpting machine was LaserAway. LaserAway has a bunch of locations throughout the United States and seemed pretty reputable when I looked up their reviews online. Since this wasn't a surgical procedure, I wasn't overly concerned with who did it.

At my Coolsculpting consultation, the nurse there told me all about the Coolsculpting treatment. She said it was FDA approved to treat the submental fat (neck fat) and was very effective. She told me the potential side effects like swelling, bruising and redness were usually minor and went away rapidly. I would need to sit with the machine on me for 45 minutes on each side of my neck. The whole treatment would be done in a single day and I was told to wear comfortable clothes.

On the day of my Coolsculpting Procedure, I brought a book on Cryptocurrency (my new found hobby) with me to LaserAway. At LaserAway, my head was put in this large blue pillow, which was used to prevent me from moving my neck during the treatment. The blue pillow looked like the contraption they use to stabilize people's necks when they're involved in a car accident.

My neck was then cleaned with a solution to make sure there was no bacteria on the surface of my skin. A gel was then rubbed on my neck to protect my skin from the cold temperatures of the applicator.

The cool mini applicator was then attached to this metal arm connect to the Coolsculpting machine. The arm was placed under my neck and the applicator was applied to my neck and turned on. I sure felt the machine pulling my neck fat into it once it was on. The worst part was when the machine got really cold. It didn't feel good until my neck went numb and I didn't notice the cold anymore. The nurse also told me to try and not move my mouth while the machine was on.

The machine ran for 45 minutes and then the applicator was moved to the other side of my neck for an equal amount of time. I experienced the same 2-3 minutes of pain when the machine was first turned on in the new spot. Each time the 45 minutes was up, my frozen neck had to be massaged to break up the fat cells. I was told this helped they leave your body more quickly.

It took 2-3 months for me to see results on my neck. I would say Coolsculpting is a good fat reduction treatment. I experience skin tightening from my procedure too. I'm happy with the way my new jaw line looks and would recommend Cool mini treatments to others.