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Performed 2017

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Hi guys! I wanted to tell you about my coolsculpting experience I had a couple of weeks ago. Before I had the procedure, I was looking up fat reduction treatments on youtube to see what I was in for. I’ve always found it interesting to hear about other people’s experiences and reviews, etc. Something I had looked up a lot was coolsculpting because my one problem area had always been my stomach and lower abdomen. For as long as I can remember, even when I was 25 pounds thinner than I am now, my legs and arms would experience weight loss, but there was always my stomach, especially after having kids. It was one of those areas where no matter how much work I did at the gym or with a personal trainer, it would never fully cooperate.

After watching all of the success stories in the reviews I decided that a coolsculpting treatment was the perfect procedure for me. I had already been considering the procedure to eliminate that stubborn fat but this just reinforced it. In addition, while I had considered liposuction, I really wanted something that was non-invasive and had a track record of good results.

I ended up going through with coolsculpting, but I was definitely a little nervous beforehand. As for the coolsculpting procedure itself, the best way I can describe it was “sting-ey”. For the first five minutes, it didn’t hurt, but felt like little needles to the treated area. Before the procedure, I was under the impression that at around 10 minutes, everything goes numb and my experience wasn’t that dissimilar. One of the weirdest parts was that your fat gets kind of sucked into the machine. It’s still very manageable, and one of the interesting things is I had a newer version. Apparently, the older coolsculpting machine went much deeper and longer. Here it was 35 minutes on each side (or love handle) and it wasn’t bad at all. Honestly, if I could do it, anyone can.

When they removed the machine after doing the first side, it was an interesting feeling. It definitely felt a little numb, but they also massage that side after removing the machine. This kind of felt like someone was massaging a sunburn, which was uncomfortable but okay. The tougher part was when they moved the machine to the other side. Because part of the machine was resting on the side I had just done, the irritation level definitely went up. Again, nothing crazy and completely tolerable, but a little worse than the first side.

Post procedure, I was feeling a little sore so I took an Ibuprofen and that was sufficient. After that, I didn’t really have any pain. My stomach felt numb and still does a month later (but substantially less now), but there haven’t been any other side effects. I had read reviews prior to the procedure that mentioned having pain about 10 days after the coolsculpting. I did not experience this at all. What I can and will say is that the procedure isn’t an instant gratification type of deal. This can be disheartening because it takes time to see the results. It’s possible to see results in as little as 3 weeks, but more often than not it takes 2-3 months. For me, I’m at the 4 week mark and I have yet to see the results so even though I know it takes a bit of time, I was hoping to be one of the exceptions!

According to my doctor, the price is around $600 per area, but the more areas you get done, the price goes down. Right now, since I’ve only had 2 sections done and I haven’t waited long enough for the results, it’s hard for me to say. But if coolsculpting works, I can certainly say I will go back for the other sections. Also it’s important to remember that not seeing instant results comes with the territory. This procedure is non-invasive which carries many benefits, so at the end of the day, waiting for results seems well worth it since I didn't have to endure invasive plastic surgery.

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