CoolCore Vs. CoolAdvantage Coolsculpting Experience

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Performed 2017

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I've had Coolsculpting done twice over the past 3 years. The first time I had a treatment (broken into two separate sessions) the spa I went to had the Coolcore applicator, which was the original Coolsculpting machine. I had my love handles and lower abdominal area done. The treatment worked well and 2-3 months after my treatments I had some clear signs of fat reduction. I was happy with my results but there were 3 negatives with my Coolsculpting procedure. First, it took too long. Each treatment took 2 hours, with the applicator being on each treatment area for 1 hour. Second, the first few minutes after the applicator is placed on an area are a bit painful. It almost felt like the fit of my love handles in to the applicator tip were a bit too snug. Third, it was expensive. I spent $5,500 for my treatments. A pretty pricey penny to get rid of a few fat cells, eh?

Jump forward 2 years and I slacked on my diet and my love handles started to reappear. I called up the same spa I had a treatment at before and scheduled an appointment to have Coolsculpting done again. This time however, my treatment took half the time. The nurse who did my Coolsculpting treatment told me that Zeltiq, the manufacturer of the machine, had upgraded their tips to Cooladvantage applicators, which accomplish the same thing as the Coolcore applicator in half the time. I also found that my treatment was less painful. This may have partly been because the applicator head was larger and partly because I already knew what to expect from my prior treatment. The shock of having a freezing cold gel pad and applicator tip placed on me wasn't as startling. 

I think Coolsculpting is worth it if you want a quick way to get rid of stubborn fat. It's expensive, you will experience a little bit of nerve pain from the cooling applicator and the treatment time is a bit longer, albeit it has improved over the first generation of the machine. I'm sure over the next few years Zeltiq will continue to improve the technology until it's a darn near perfect non-invasive fat removal device. Even now, it sure beats having surgery and the risks that come along with it. The shorter treatment time of my second Coolsculpting experience makes me give this treatment two thumbs up. I would recommend it to my friends and family if they are willing to spend the money.