CoolFit Coolsculpting Review to my Inner Thighs

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I have always been open to different cosmetic treatments, and what really drew me to the coolsculpting procedure was that it was non-surgical and non-invasive. I would be able to be awake for the entire process without anesthesia and essentially I would be freezing my fat cells, which then leads to fat reduction in the targeted area.

Before I get started on how my experience with my first session of coolsculpting went, I think it is important to point out that this is not a get skinny quick procedure where suddenly all of your weight is gone. If you are obese or overweight this is absolutely the wrong procedure for you. In fact, many doctors won't approve you for a coolsculpting treatment if you are not a good candidate. They would most likely recommend a weight loss and exercise regimen.

When they take your before and afters, there is a dial on the ground so you are positioned the same way before and after the coolsculpting treatment. This ensures that you get the same angle and are able to see the results. I will go into this later on in the review, but the results are not instantaneous. You will need to 3-6 months or so and take your after photos at a later follow up appointment.

Depending on the treated area, coolsculpting has different attachments:

  • The coolsculpting mini is a small device that is put at the end of the coolsculpting machine and used to target the neck and double chins. So if you are going to try and reduce neck fat you will most likely be using the coolsculpting mini. It is relatively new and many patients have seen great results and the length of the procedure has been reduced due to the new technology.
  • CoolCurve+ and CoolCore are used for bra fat, back fat, or love handles
  • CoolMax is used for the abdomen
  • CoolAdvantage Petite is usually used on more petite individuals. Its usually used on the arms or inner thighs
  • And lastly the CoolFit which I ended up using is used for the arm area, inner thighs, and occasionally the abdomen

My technician had me come in for a quick consultation, informing me that this was not a weight loss procedure and that coolsculpting is best used with diet and exercise to target areas of stubborn fat. They actually have you sign a waiver in which it states that it is not a weight loss procedure. The area that I targeted was my inner thighs. The technician explained the process to me on how the applicator would feel. At first I would feel strong suction and cooling for 5-10 minutes. After that I would only feel the weight of the applicator on my legs.

When I showed up for the coolsculpting treatment they took me back to one of the rooms, which was kind of like being at a spa. They gave me a gown to put on and I had a seat in the chair. The technician located the fatty pockets on my inner thigh and used a sharpie to mark the area on my inner thigh that the applicator would be placed. After the sharpie, a towelette was used to cleanse the area and also prep the skin for the coldness of the applicator. It essentially makes it so your skin does not get too cold too quick. After the skin is cleansed a gel applicator (which was really sticky) is put on to again make sure the skin does not get too cold too quick. Since coolsculpting is an FDA approved procedure they make sure to follow certain guidelines to make the procedure as safe and as effective as possible. She then applied the applicator to the marked spot on my inner thigh with a pillow around it to keep me comfortable.

When the suction starts on your leg it really just feels like someone is grabbing you. It doesn't feel like a pinch but rather someone just squeezing your leg. Once the suction is going they press the button on the machine and you start to feel the coolness. It feels like a cold pack on the area. I wasn't in pain at all and I was actually pretty comfortable, especially since I was in a low lit room with music playing. They do offer to have the light on if you prefer to read or watch a movie. I decided to just rest as the procedure was going on.

After 30 minutes with the handheld device on my inner thigh the technician came back and removed the applicator. Its pretty cool because you can actually see the spot that the applicator was and the area that it targeted. Then for 2 minutes the area was massaged to break up the fat cells. The same process was then done for my other leg.

After the procedure I had little to no side effects and there was basically no recovery time. I took 2 days off from going to the gym. I guess my inner thighs felt a bit sore but nothing alarming. I have only done one session so far, but multiple treatments are recommended even though they are not required. I won't see the full results for 3-6 months but I am really looking forward to it. Coolsculpting is a great non-invasive procedure for body contouring and I suggest you take a look into it. Ask your local plastic surgeon if its right for you!

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