Coolsculpting to Flanks and Sides. My Review With Photos and Costs.

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Coolsculpting to Flanks and Sides. My Review With Photos and Costs. - review image.
Coolsculpting to Flanks and Sides. My Review With Photos and Costs. - review image.
Coolsculpting to Flanks and Sides. My Review With Photos and Costs. - review image.
Coolsculpting to Flanks and Sides. My Review With Photos and Costs. - review image.

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Performed 2017

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I am a 36 year old male that is big into working out. I lift weights and do plenty of cardio. No matter how many days and hours I spent in the gym, I could not seem to get rid of some fat bulges in my lower abs. I had heard about the Coolsculpting procedure from a woman that I met at the gym. She too had suffered from stubborn fat in her abdominal region that she could not get rid of. She told me that it was a non-invasive procedure that utilized fat freezing technology to eliminate fat cells. When I first heard that, it sounded a bit ridiculous that I was going to spend thousands for a portable chiller that would help me with fat loss. Regardless, I wanted a way to get rid of my excess time with minimal recovery time. I decided to investigate Coolsculpting and other body contouring procedures further.

After mulling it over for months, I finally decided to schedule a consultation with a local plastic surgeon who had a Coolsculpting machine. During my consultation, the doctor explained to me that I was a great candidate, as I was the ideal weight and would need to have multiple treatments with two sessions to each treatment for optimal results. A session is the number of troubled areas that are treated each visit. I would most likely need 3 treatments, but it would all depend on how my body reacted to the Coolsculpting treatment. The total cost for two sessions and three visits came to $5,000. Not cheap, but I had the money and was willing to try anything to get rid of this stubborn fat and non-invasive fat reduction with Coolsculpting seemed like a safe option. I decided to schedule my treatment session.

I arrived at the office for my treatment in the morning and was directed to a room with a very comfortable looking chair/bed, blankets and a TV. In the corner was the Coolsculpting machine, which oddly enough looked very comforting too. The machine itself was white with a large blue snowflake design on it and I instantly felt at ease. The machine did not look very intimidating. The technician then began to prep my treatment areas and placed a large applicator on my abdominal region. The technician explained to me that I would be doing two sessions, each around 45 minutes. She told me to relax and began the treatment. At first, my skin felt very cold, but that quickly went away. I eventually did not feel anything. As the treatment went on, I started thinking about the cryolipolysis, or the explosion of fat cells, that was taking place. I began to get excited that I was finally going to achieve the fat removal that I had always wanted.

After the treatment was done, I was not in much pain. I had what appeared to be a butter-stick of skin sticking out that was very sensitive. I was told that there was a possibility I would experience nerve pain later on as the nerve that were damaged during the treatment process regenerated. I also had a little bit of swelling and bruising, but it wasn't very visible.

Over the next week, I didn't have any issues. I took some Advil with ibuprofen to help get rid of the swelling a bit quicker. At first, I did not see a big difference in my abs and flanks. However, as time went on, I began to look better and better. My trouble areas began to look better and I was beginning to think the six pack from years ago was returning and all of this was after only a single treatment.

For the next month, every two weeks I returned to the doctor's office for another treatment session. After all of my treatments had been completed, I began to notice a dramatic different in my abs and flanks. It seemed that non-invasive fat removal was not a gimmick. I had real results.

Overall, I would say that Coolsculpting was definitely worth it. It's not cheap, but I am very satisfied with my results. I would not recommend Coolsculpting as a weight loss treatment, but it definitely a toner. I think it's best for shaving those extra few pounds off that are very resistant to exercise. It also only works in certain areas and not everyone is a good candidate for it. Visit a doctor to find out if it'll work for you. Good luck with your treatment!


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