Coolsculpting Is a Cool Way To Eliminate Stubborn Fat

Excessfat2Fit Patient gender: Female Patient age: 34 Cost: $5,500

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Performed 2017

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I had Coolsculpting done 5 months ago and I believe I can now safely say I've seen the results of my three treatment sessions. I am 6'1" and 200 lbs, excercise every day for at least an hour and rarely miss a day at the gym. I had a little bit of fat on my lower abdomen and flanks that refused to go away. I tried everything too and it simply wouldn't disappear. I really did not want to spend $5000 on a glorified ice bath treatment but I thought it was smarter than putting freezing ice on my skin. 

Long story short, Coolsculpting worked and eliminated my excess fat. It did what it was supposed to and it made my wallet a bit lighter but I don't mind paying for treatments that work. I think if you can't lose a little bit of excess fat through natural ways, it's worth giving Coolsculpting a try. 

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