Coolsculpting is Only Good For Small Pockets of Fat

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I was six months postpartum with six extra pounds hanging off my front abdominal area that wasn't there before having my baby. Realistically, I knew I had no time to work out so why not try this fat-burning machine everyone was talking about?

My consultation was short and easy. I was greeted by the front desk receptionist and was taken to the room with the CoolSculpting machine. The machine itself looked harmless. It's a huge white box with a suction cup connected to the end of a thick hose. I was given an explanation behind the science of the procedure and how this machine would ultimately freeze the fat cells in the targeted area that the suction cup would grab onto. The freezing of the cells would cause them to die, make my body want to get rid of those fat cells, and would slowly dispose of them from my body. The frozen fat cells would exit my body through sweat and urine. It made sense in my head, so I hopped out my yoga tights and stood in front of a tiny backdrop where the Spa employee would snap photos of every angle of my stomach area.

On my procedure date, I ate lightly. I had no idea what to expect but I figured having a full stomach while a suction cup froze off my stomach fat was not a good mix. I arrived, signed in and waited. Once I was called back, I hopped on the spa reclining chair and watched the nurse turn on the machine with a push of a button. It began to make a light fanning noise and I got nervous. I stayed in my tank stop and tights. My tank top was pulled up and a clear gel was placed over my lower stomach area. I was using the large rectangle suction cup, as I was told there were also smaller sizes for areas such as the love handles or arms. A plastic wrap was placed over my skin. It was to create a protection between the suction cup and my skin. The machine was placed on my stomach and I instantly felt a tug. It was a light tug but it felt a little uncomfortable. No pain so far. I began to feel the temperature of the suction cup drop and within two minutes, my stomach began to feel the ice cold sensation. The machine was so cold that it began to feel hot. I can best describe this as an ice burn. My toes curled as I tried to get used to the feeling. The first 5-10 minutes of this sensation were my worst experience. I couldn't talk because I was focused on my breathing. The pain doesn't come from the suction but from the cold temperature which numbs your body within 10 minutes. After those 10 minutes, you begin to loose sensation of the targeted area. My entire procedure was 45 minutes. The last 30 minutes were a breeze. I just sat there and watched the clock countdown on the machine. Once my time was over, the nurse removed the cup and it felt as if my stomach was a brick of butter. It actually looked like it too! My skin was red and in the shape of the suction cup. The nurse then began to massage out my skin to get it back to its original shape. The massaging was the next painful part. My skin was frozen and still numb, however the massaging felt mildly painful to the touch because my skin was sore by this point. It was also simply an ugly sight, to see your fat all bundled up in a brick-shape form. The massaging lasted for about five minutes and my stomach finally looked normal again, but red. I hopped out of the chair and my procedure was done.

There was no difference to my stomach right away. I was actually sore so I looked a little bigger than normal. My recovery process was fairly easy. I was told I would see the best results if I drank lots of water and exercised however, between my 50 hour job that was not a reality for me. In the first three days after my procedure, my skin felt as if I had a sunburn. It was sensitive to the touch and rubbing of clothes. You want to avoid rough play and tight clothing, especially jeans. As for the rest of the recovery, all I did was wait and pee, a lot. I drank at least a gallon a day for the first three weeks. I was told final results can take 2-3 months. CoolSculpting most definitely got rid of fat that was stored in my lower abdominal however, I feel it should not be a weight-loss option. This is more of a toning option to simply target stubborn fat in one area. In my case, I had loose skin and fat after pregnancy. I feel CoolSculpting did treat the fat, however, not the loose skin which I was aware it would not. I did see an improvement in the texture in my skin. Overall, I give CoolSculpting a positive review if you suffer from a small trouble-area versus overall weight.



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