Coolsculpting To The Love Handles - Excellent Results!

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Performed 2017

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My name is Michael and I am 47 years old from Jericho, New York. When I was younger before I had kids I was a fitness fanatic, so as I got older and it was tougher to get daily workouts in my body suffered a bit. I am still in great shape because I run every other day but my mid section is definitely not what it used to be. I am willing to bet it is a combination of age, diet, and not doing enough weight training. There was a billboard near my office for coolsculpting, which got me intrigued but not over the edge to have a cosmetic procedure. After seeing a commercial on tv, it led me to do a little internet searching on what this procedure was. It said it promised to remove fat cells in stubborn fat areas like the love handles.

My internet searching led me to a bunch of coolsculpting reviews - some good and some bad. People said this was amazing because it was a non-invasive way to lose weight and tone the lower abdomen. While on the contrary, people complained that they were left with bruising that did produced no significant weight loss.

So basically I was in the same position I was - not knowing which reviews I should take to heart. I decided I should just book a consultation with a local plastic surgeons office to at least talk about my options. My main goal was to tone up my flanks, or how my father used to put it "spare tires." They have become a bit flabby since I passed the 40 mark and maybe coolsculpting treatment was my cure-all.

I am not going to lie, it was kind of awkward going to a male plastic surgeon telling him that I am unhappy with my body. Anyway, he was more than professional when looking at my body. He told me that I would be a good candidate for a coolsculpting procedure, but I could also benefit from some liposuction. I didn't make a decision right there because I was a bit hesitant on anything invasive - so I thanked him and told him that I would think about it.

I discussed it with my wife and long story short I felt a little odd getting an invasive procedure as a 47 year old man. I told her the price of coolsculpting was going to be around $6000 since I would need around 5 or 6 treatments. Luckily money isn't a huge issue because we have done well for ourselves, but this did seem quite steep.

About 2 weeks after my initial consultation, I called the office and told them that I was going to take a stab at the coolsculpting procedure. My first session would be done 2 weeks from that time. They told me to bring a book or something to pass time because each treatment would take some time to set up then it would be 30 minutes in each of the treatment areas.

The esthetician was the one who administered the procedure. Supposedly they had to go to some coolsculpting class to become registered technicians to monitor the procedure. They rolled the coolsculpting machine out on 4 wheels and marked the treated area with a pen - then they placed the head of the machine onto one love handle. It was a weird sensation at first, very cold and felt like my skin was getting suctioned. After about 5 minutes I didn't really feel much, I went pretty numb.

Post procedure, I was left with with the esthetician called a "butter stick" - on both of my flanks. She told me that it was normal to have some swelling and I wouldn't really see any results for a couple months. And in those months I would be coming for more treatments.

That night after the first procedure it was a little uncomfortable but advil was able to relieve my slight pain. I know they say it takes a few months but after a couple weeks I could definitely see my sides toning up a bit. I repeated this same process for the next 3-4 months. I was going for a treatment around every 3 weeks and did 6 treatments.

Each time I went through the same process with the "ice packs" coming out to freeze my fat! Honestly, I saw some great results from this fat reduction procedure. It could be that I didn't have so much fat so it was more of a way to tone up my stomach.

I am glad that I went on this journey because it does make me feel a bit less self conscious when I have my shirt off. My plan wasn't to end up like Michael Phelps but it gave me some added confidence. I can't speak for someone who is very heavy and tries this procedure, but I would bet that it wouldn't work as well. Coolsculpting works for people who are trying to contour their body, not lose weight.

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