Coolsculpting Mini 'CoolMini' Treatment to Submental Fat Under Chin - Photos & Video

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Coolsculpting Mini 'CoolMini' Treatment to Submental Fat Under Chin - Photos & Video - review image.
Coolsculpting Mini 'CoolMini' Treatment to Submental Fat Under Chin - Photos & Video - review image.
Coolsculpting Mini 'CoolMini' Treatment to Submental Fat Under Chin - Photos & Video - review image.
Coolsculpting Mini 'CoolMini' Treatment to Submental Fat Under Chin - Photos & Video - review image.

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Performed 2016

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My Experience With Getting Coolsculpting 'CoolMini' Under My Chin

My Age: 35 years old

Where I live: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Doctor's Location: Delta Laser and Skin Care Centre, Delta, BC, Canada

Cost: 3800CDN

My whole life I've had a double chin. I had dental surgery to try and fix it when I was young, braces, head gear – I tried everything. I even tried different diets and fat loss techniques, but nothing seemed to get rid of those stubborn fat cells under my neck!

Throughout the years, I found when I got pregnant my double chin got even worse. In 2010, I lost 70lbs and was at my ideal weight. Unfortunately, I had fat loss everywhere on my body except for my face. No matter what weight I was at, the stubborn fat on my neck would not go away! It made me look bigger than I was – especially on camera and I hated it! In 2014, I made the jump to a new career in acting and YouTube. My job is to be on camera and looking good is important. With auditions and jobs, I felt so insecure looking at the footage and seeing the loose skin/fat on my chin. It just didn't look good and it bothered me.

In 2015, I contemplated having a facelift. After having a consultation with a plastic surgeon, I found out it would cost $10,000 and came with risks, side effects and significant downtime to heal. The recovery time would take months and I was scared to go under the knife, especially since this was my face. I was worried that if one thing went wrong, my whole career could crumble.

Finally, in 2016, I decided to research non-invasive fat reduction procedures to fix my double chin. In May 2016, I went to the Delta Laser and Skin Care Centre for a consultation to find out more about a Coolsculpting treatment under my neck using the cool-mini attachment. Coolsculpting works by using cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, to eliminate fat by causing your fat cells to under cell death and be carried away by your body, leading to fat removal. All of this sounded great to me, especially since Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure with minimal risks. I was desperate to get rid of the unwanted fat under my neck and I felt like this was my chance to do it!

I had my consultation and was told I was a great candidate for the Coolsculpting procedure and that they would use a cool-mini treatment applicator for my submental area fat. The cool-mini applicator is much smaller than the largest Coolsculpting applicator, which is used for your belly and love handles, and is specifically designed to treat the submental fat, which is exactly what had bothered me my whole life! It was decided that there would be three treatment areas - one under my chin and one on each side of my face. I was told that I would need multiple treatments to achieve the results I desired in my trouble areas.

The day came it was time to do some fat freezing, to finally eliminate the fat bulges under my chin that had bothered me for so long. The Coolsculpting treatment process was very straightforward. You sit in a bed with a cool-mini attachment, which is attached to a large Coolsculpting machine, which has a snowflake design on its side, attached to your face. Each treatment took 45 minutes. When the applicator was first placed on my face, it felt very cold for the first few minutes, as if ice was placed on my face and then after a few minutes the face/skin goes numb and you can't feel a thing. The applicator was then moved to the other two treatment areas.

After the treatment, I had a little bit of swelling and bruising on my face for a day or two. I did not have much pain from it and only required some ibuprofen. Within a few weeks of my first treatment, I could literally feel the sides of my face melting into a beautiful V-Shape. It was amazing. I went back for my second treatment and a few weeks after that, I could see definition between my neck and chin that I hadn't seen since I was in high-school. I felt like the old me had returned. People were asking me if I had lost weight too -- it was incredible.

Overall, I feel when it comes to your face, it's so important to put your best face forward. I am so happy I went with Coolsculpting. It made a big difference in my life and has given me self-confidence I have not had in a while. My face has never looked better. I have a jawline and it's just been so life-altering for me and my new career on camera.


Dr. Marcia Fleming

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