Coolsculpting Mini to the Flanks with New Applicator

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Performed 2017

Procedure review

First off I need to say that my love handles have been holding me back from wanting to ever show my body in public. It is almost like back fat and it is not attractive at all. When a girlfriend mentioned a procedure that could remove fat cells non-invasively I was quite intrigued. I am the type of person who is always willing to try something even if there is some skeptism behind it.

When my girlfriend, Kate, told me about this procedure coolsculpting i was both skeptical and excited. I am a mother of 3 kids under the age of 10 so I have spent the better half of the last decade not putting myself first. I am not in anyway obese but I also don't have the most appealing body when the clothes are removed. A coolsculpting treatment seemed liked a great way for me to try and do some body contouring to my mid section.

I looked for a plastic surgeon in my area who performed the coolsculpting procedure. When I went in for my initial consultation it was rather quick. He sat with me for about 15 minutes asking how he could help me then took me back to the examination room to look at my stomach. He squeezed my fat pouches and agreed that I would be a good candidate for coolsculpting. He said that Zeltiq (makers of coolsculpting) had just come out with a new FDA approved new applicator called the coolsculpting mini. It was a smaller head that was able to target smaller problem areas like the flanks and lower abdomen. Supposedly, it was also done a lot quicker than the previous larger applicator.

The day of the procedure I drove to the office on my own. I asked if I would need someone to drive me after I had the procedure but they explained that it would cause no hinderance to my ability to drive a vehicle. They said the only side effects that I may see are bruising and swelling in the targeted fat reduction area. My husband was ecstatic that he didn't have to take me to the office! LOL!

They took me back to a room with a few chairs. There was actually another woman in the room with me so I was able to talk to her a little in between my reading on my kindle. The coolsculpting technician marked the areas on my body that were to be treated with coolsculpting. I had her do my flanks that day and if it worked my plan was to come back for my lower abdomen - and possible even my chin. She traced out where the applicator would go. It was placed on my love handle more towards my back, like I explained above. We were set to do two 45 minute treatments on my left and right love handle.

When the applicator was placed on my skin it was very cold. I actually got a pretty bad headache because of how cold it was. Maybe it was because I didn't eat yet and only had coffee, but I didn't feel so great. I asked the technician if they had anything to eat and she actually gave me a banana which seemed to help a bit. After about 5 minutes my flank went numb and didn't feel anything really. I only heard the machine suctioning my fat bulge.

After 45 minutes my left flank was complete. When the applicator was removed it was quite a site to see. It looked like a large stick of butter just sitting on my side. It was very black and blue and looked irritated. The technician massaged the treatment area and said this would help break up the fat layer. We did the same process on my right flank and after being in the office for about 2 hours I was set to leave.

My treatment plan with the plastic surgeon was to do 3 treatment sessions and if I felt that I needed a 4th we could schedule one. My following 2 treatments were scheduled 4 weeks apart. After my first treatment I noticed bruising for the first week or so. My whole life I have always bruised very easily so maybe this is longer than other people experienced. I didn't really start to see much results until after my second treatment. Supposedly, since it is stubborn fat it is supposed to take about a month before you start seeing noticeable improvements.

After I completed all 3 I decided that it was enough for me. It was rather expensive so I didn't feel like getting a 4th one was necessary. The treatments were $1000 a session, but I got a 10% discount so it came out to $2700.

Side Effects

  • Bruising in the problem areas
  • Swelling
  • Area was tender for a few days

Pros of the Procedure

  • Non-invasive treatment
  • No Anesthesia or pain medication necessary
  • Relatively Fast

Cons of the Procedure

  • Expensive
  • Not immediate results

Overall I would recommend this procedure because it did tone my flanks. I didn't really want to get plastic surgery so this felt like a happy-medium. Non-invasive procedures continue to get better and I saw it with my experience with coolsculpting. Good luck to anyone thinking about getting this done!

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