Coolsculpting Mini to the Neck and Chin

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Performed 2017

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Hey everyone, have you ever heard of coolsculpting? For someone who avoids doctors and surgeries like the plague, this turned out to be a great option for me. Off the bat, coolsculpting isn’t actual surgery; it is completely non-invasive. I had been doing a ton of research on coolsculpting and had found it really interesting to see other patients talk about their stories and found them to be pretty similar to what I have dealt with most of my adult life. Hopefully, you find this review helpful in your research.

Ever since I can remember, my problem area has always been right around my neck and chin. I have always had somewhat of a double chin. Even after intense dieting and working out harder than I ever had before, my neck and chin just kept me longing for something more. It is nearly impossible to spot reduce a specific area, and even harder to do it around the neck. While working out, my whole body would start to look more tone and muscular, but I could just never achieve the results that I desired around my neck and chin. Invasive procedures such as a neck lift seemed pretty drastic for just some fat removal to the neck. Thats why a coolsculpting treatment seemed a lot more appropriate.

After contacting a number of the local offices that offered the coolsculpting procedure, my plastic surgeon's office reached out to me to tell me more about what it entails. I was very excited to meet everyone and after sitting down with different technicians, they could not have made me more comfortable with the procedure. I loved the non-invasive nature of it and truly amazing results people had seen. However, even with all of the reassurances, I was a definitely a little nervous beforehand. They explained that this is brand new applicator is FDA approved technology that would help remove submental fat from the neck and chin area. I was a combination of skeptical and hopeful, but I decided that it was worth a shot.

When the day arrived, I was briefed at the office and was then allowed to get comfortable in the procedure room. The technician began to prep the area by applying some topical gel, and before you know it, the applicator is applied and the fat-reduction treatment had begun. It initially feels like pins and needles to the neck area, but I was able to communicate with my friend that was in the room, so it was not super painful. I definitely would recommend having a close friend or family with you during the procedure. Similar to holding someone’s hand, it just eases your nerves and reassures you.

From the research I had done and technicians I had spoken to, I knew that at around the 10 minute mark, you would start to go a little numb. This proved to be the case with me as well. I had the machine on one side of my neck for 30 minutes and then it would be moved over to the other side for another 30 minutes. After the initial sensation it became completely tolerable and truthfully kind of fun!

After the first 25 minutes the sensation is that of having an icepack on your skin; it was really simple and far less scary then anyone can imagine. After removing the applicator, the technician will massage the area to get blood flow back. The technician also described that the fat cells formed sharp crystals on them that would damage the other fat cells. During the massage, I could feel a bit of a burning sensation as if something underneath my skin was frozen, but it was a very minor discomfort. It ended up being a little more intense the second time around, but still bearable. By the time the second side was completed the first side was already back to feeling normal.

When I left the treatment facility I felt pretty good. The staff recommended I take some OTC pain medication and that really took care of any lingering pain after the procedure. My neck was pretty numb for a few days after (the numbness will go down significantly in the days following the procedure). Admittedly, I was slightly worried because some of the reviews I read indicated feeling pain for up to 10 days afterwards. Thankfully, I did not experience this. Rather, the discomfort was very short-lived. There was a bit of bruising and swelling but nothing drastic.

Now when it comes to results, it is not instant, which can definitely be a bit frustrating. I was so excited about the procedure that it’s natural to want to see my stubborn fat gone immediately! Just remember to be patient. Realistically, the earliest you can expect to see results is 3 weeks but it is more commonly expected at the 2-3 month mark.

When I went back to the facility for my 3-month checkup, I was blown away by the series of follow-up photos that the doctor and I went through. Obviously, it’s my body and I looked in the mirror constantly (definitely was a little neurotic to be honest), but seeing the pictures added another element. I was absolutely amazed at the results. From the pictures, you could see how much my skin had tightened and how much better my neck and chin looked.

This is obviously no miracle weight loss experience where you will be able to drop 50 pounds, but for what I was looking for it was able to tighten up the problem areas that I had with my neck and chin. I love the look that coolsculpting has afforded me. I feel so much more confident. My family and friends have noticed, my husband and kids have noticed, and more importantly I have noticed. I feel grateful to have been introduced to the procedure as this was something that I was struggling with for so long. Having this newfound confidence is indescribable and I would absolutely recommend coolsculpting to anyone that’s considering it. I am even considering getting it on my love handles next.

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