Coolsculpting Mini to Reduce My Double Chin!

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Performed 2017

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My name is Jessica and I am from Lancaster, PA. I am 41 years old and just had coolsculpting done on my chin/neck area. I have always been a big girl and that never bothered me, but I didn't like the look of my double chin so I decided that it was time to do something about it. The fda just approved the coolsculpting mini device, which has a smaller head than the original coolsculpting machine. It allows the ability to target smaller more concise areas and does it in a shorter period of time.

When I heard about this new device, I knew it was time for me to take the leap and try and get something done to my neck fat. Before getting the procedure I did look into alternatives that I could have had such as Kybella or a neck lift. The reason I decided against Kybella was my immense fear of needles. Similarly, my fear of any type of invasive procedure was why I decided a neck lift would not be for me. In my opinion it seemed a bit drastic as well. I am relatively young and did not feel the need to have such a substantial procedure just to fix a minute part of my body.

I bet people reading this review are asking why I didn't just work out to try and lose my "double chin." My answer to that is that I am currently in the process of dieting and exercising. I have lost 24 lbs and feel great, unfortunately the fat that I am losing doesn't seem to be in the face area. I have lost some fat in my obliques and love handles, but not in my facial region.

When I went in for the procedure they brought me into a room with a very comfortable chair. The nurse measured my neck diameter and told me that we were going to do two 45 minute sessions - one for each side of my neck. She then proceeded to mark the spots on my neck where she was going to place the new applicator.

When the device was placed on my neck it felt like a bag of ice being pushed up against your neck. It was almost at the point where I needed to remove it because it was getting so cold. However, after a few minutes my neck started going numb and I couldn't feel anything. There was no pain involved at all, I just needed to sit still in the chair while the session was going on. It is usually tough for me to sit still, but what I did was listen to some relaxing music and tried to doze off.

After 45 minutes the nurse came back to remove the applicator. I noticed a small bit of swelling but she started to massage the area. She said that massaging could help in fat reduction and it also was to bring the swelling down a bit. She then moved the applicator to the other side of my neck. She made sure that it overlapped a bit of the previous treatment so no area would be unattended to.

We went through the same process after the 45 minutes were up. She massaged the fat cells and then I was on my way. When it was complete, it only took a bit for the swelling to go down. I did notice that I had a bit of bruising probably because of the strong suction from the applicator.

After the coolsculpting procedure, it took a few weeks before I started seeing noticeable results. The only real recovery that I had to deal with was waiting for the bruising to subside (recovery time was around 10 days). But i definitely was able to see the stubborn fat from my neck being reduced. My jaw line was more definitive and from the side you could definitely tell the difference.

Even though I have been losing weight, people even asked me if I had lost more weight. It seemed like I got some skin tightening benefits from the procedure as well because the loose skin below my neck was less noticeable. I experience no significant side effects - the only thing was a short period of bruising which I don't really consider a deterrent to the coolsculpting treatment.

What I really loved about the new coolsculpting mini applicator was that I only had to go in for a single treatment to see substantial results. I think that if you are going to have this procedure it is important to go visit a board certified plastic surgeon and make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. It is important to know that coolsculpting is a body contouring treatment and not for weight loss.

Hope this helps for anyone looking to get coolsculpting!

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