Coolsculpting Review 2018: Read This Before You Decide to Have Coolsculpting

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Hi Everybody - I hope 2018 is off to a great start for you! For the New Year, I decided to treat myself to the Coolsculpting procedure that many of you have likely seen advertised online or on television. I have plenty of thoughts on my treatment, including how Coolsculpting works, the pros and cons of the treatment and I wanted to share it with the community.

Background on Why I Got Coolsculpting 

I went in to my Coolsculpting treatment knowing that it was not a weight loss procedure. I had very real expectations of what the machine was capable of doing and what I expected. I am an athletic person, who has a little bit of fat on my sides, which gave me the appearance of love handles. These areas were the first place I gained weight and the last place I lost weight from. It was very frustrating to me and I basically fit the definition of a patient who was a great candidate for Coolsculpting. Everytime I would see Coolsculpting's commercials, saying 'stubborn fat has met its match,' I would think to my self 'they're speaking about me!'

Researching The Coolsculpting Procedure 

Like any educated consumer, I turned to the internet and did my research on what Coolsculpting was and the providers who offered it before meeting with one. I learned that Coolsculpting was created when the founders of the company noticed that babies who sucked on popsicles developed dimples.They determined that this was caused by cryolipolysis, or the death of fat cells caused by freezing temperatures. Zeltiq commercialized this treatment and over the years, it was FDA-cleared to be used on the chin, abdomen, flanks and thighs. The flanks were my problem area, so it seemed like a good treatment for me.

My search for a treatment provider eventually led me to Skin Spirit in Los Gatos, California. They had many positive reviews online and the pictures of their office made it look like a very comfortable environment. I scheduled a consultation with them because I figured in the worst case scenario, I would thank them for their time and not get the treatment.

My Coolsculpting Consultation 

For my consultation, I met with Rebecca Hunter, one of the Coolsculpting technicians at Skin Spirit. She was so sweet and informative. She told me all about the treatment and said that because they had two Coolsculpting machines, they would be able to treat both flanks simultaneously in about 35-40 minutes (the newer Coolsculpting adapters work much better than the original ones). This was great, because most offices only have one machine and the treatment would take twice as long.

Rebecca then told me about how the Coolsculpting machine worked to kill fat cells by rapidly and safely achieving very cold temperatures, which killed the fat cells. I asked her if the cold temperatures would cause frostbite to my skin and she told me that would not happen because of the way the machine was designed. She told me Coolsculpting was the #1 non-invasive fat loss treatment in the United States and was very safe and effective, with nearly 95% of patients seeing results after their first treatment.

The cost of my Coolsculpting treatment would be $1500 for my first treatment. Skin Spirit charged $750 per applicator tip (For the Coolsculpting Advantage). After my first session, we would go over my results and see if I needed any additional treatments.

I liked Rebecca, the other medical staff and the facility, so I decided to go ahead and book my procedure for the following week.

The Coolsculpting Treatment

My appointment was at 11 in the morning. I did not have to make any preparations for my treatment. I just showed up wearing loose clothing, took my ipad with me and that was it.

At Skin Spirit, I was brought into the Coolsculpting room, which has a propped up bed. I lied down on the bed and Rebecca started prepping me for the treatment. The prep involved having these gel pads placed on my skin. Rebecca told me that this was to protect my skin from being damaged.

The next step was having the applicator, which is a handheld device, turned on a placed over the gel pads that were put on my body. The applicator gets very cold really quickly and about 2-3 minutes after it was placed on my body, was when I experienced the most uncomfortable part of my treatment. I felt this tingly, burning sensation. It wasn't pain, but it was uncomfortable. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst pain ever, it was a 2. This uncomfortable sensation only lasted about 5 minutes and then I went numb.The timers on the Coolsculpting machines were set for 35 and during that time I watched a movie on my iPad. Rebecca had placed nice warm blankets over me, so even though I had these really cold applicators on my body, I was nice and comfy. Rebecca checked in with me throughout my treatment and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. It was really a very pleasant experience.

When the timers went off on the Coolsculpting machine and the treatment was over, Rebecca came back in and massaged the areas that were treated, which looked like frozen sticks of butter. The massage is done to help kill and break up the fat cells that were just treated. The massage was not uncomfortable as I had read in some online reviews and was over in 2 minutes. 

Recovering From The Coolsculpting Treatment

There was no recovery from my treatment. The areas that were treated were very numb and there was no swelling or bruising on my body. Rebecca had told me that the frozen fat was crystalized during my treatment and it would die and be eliminated from my body over the course of several weeks. As the fat died and left my body, I would gradually see results.

What did I think of my Coolsculpting treatment?

It's only been two weeks since my first treatment and I already feel as though my skin is tighter and my flanks look better. I am not sure if I'll need a second treatment yet, but will find out when I go back to Rebecca for a follow-up appointment. She did tell me that after 1 treatment session, I should expect to lose about 25% of the fat in that area. For a non-invasive procedure, 25% sounded like a lot! I'll keep you guys updated as my body gets rid of the fat over the coming weeks and will post pictures of my final results.


A Word of Warning to Anyone Considering Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is not a weight loss treatment. You are not going to lose a significant amount of weight with it. It's designed to eliminate small pockets of fat and you need to be close to your goal weight for you to be a good candidate. You will be throwing your money away if you are obese and think Coolsculpting will get rid of your fat.  would think of Coolsculpting as more of a contouring treatment.

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I don't see a date on this, so I am not sure how long it has been since you had the procedure.  I was just wondering if you are 3 months out yet and if so, what are your results?