Coolsculpting Thinned Out My Inner and Outer Thighs

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Performed 2014

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I had some stubborn fat on my inner and outer thighs. I'm fit enough where I couldn't justify having an invasive procedure done to remove the fat, so I looked into the best non-invasive procedures on the market. The one that seemed most highly reviewed and liked by patients was Coolsculpting. The Coolsculpting treatment uses suction and cold plates to freeze fat cells. When the fat cells are frozen, they undergo apoptosis, or cell death and are then carried away in your bloodstream. Upon doing some further digging, I found out the procedure was invented after it was noticed that children who sucked on popsicles developed dimples on their cheeks from the cold tempatures killing fat cells. I thought this sounded pretty interesting and visited the Coolsculpting website to find a provider near me.

The provider closest to me was Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Ray, California. I scheduled an appointment to have Coolsculpting performed.

I have to say, upon arriving at Marina Plastic Surgery I was very impressed with the ambiance. From the very comforting and luxurious looking lobby and their fish tank, to the seats in their waiting room, I felt like I was at a spa at the Wynn in Vegas (very fancy hotel). It was a very comfortable environment.

Ann and Paula were the ones who took care of me during my Coolsculpting procedure. I had two treatment sessions, each one being 2 hours long (1 hour for each outer thigh). The first treatment session targeted the saddle bags or fat bulges of my outer thighs. For that, they used a a Coolsmooth applicator, which looked flatter than the device they used on my inner thighs. Before they put the applicator on my outer thights, they applied this cold gel sheet that is supposed to protect your skin while the cold plates are performing their fat reduction on your cells. It feels really cold when they put it on you, so be prepared!

The next step is the actual applicator. I found the CoolSmooth applicator to be less uncomfortable than the CoolCore (I think that's what it's called?) head. The CoolCore head seems a bit more aggressive while it's sucking in your fat to its cup-like shape. The CoolSmooth kind of just lays on top of your skin. Following the initial shock of the applicator turning on, the remaining hour it stays on for each treatment area is comfortable enough. They put a towel under the applicator so that it doesn't tug on your skin.

Once the area has been treated, your skin is left as a frozen red block when the applicator is removed. The technicians then massage it. For my outer thighs, they used their hands but for my inner thighs, they used something called a jack hammer, which is pretty much a vibrating massager. The lady told me that it breaks up frozen fat and distributes the dead cells to be more easily removed by your body.

My treatments were not as pleasurable as a massage but they weren't traumatic in any way. Marina's staff was amazing during my two Coolsculpting visits there.

As for the recovery time for Coolsculpting, there really isn't any. There was no swelling or bruising, although I was a bit numb for a few days in the treated area and I had an odd pain come and go. No pain medication was required though. I had pretty dramatic results too, especially on my inner thighs. The gap between between my legs is clearly larger. I resumed my normal activities a few days after I was treated.

To summarize my experience, I would say Coolsculpting is worth it if you're a good candidate for the treatment. It will not work if you are very overweight. It's only good for removing small pockets of fat deposits or body contouring to get a little extra curve out of your hips. When I had Coolsculpting done, it was a relatively new procedure. Since then, I think the FDA has approved new and better applicators that make the treatment quicker than when I had (I've heard they're half as long now). I would confirm that your provider is using the latest equipment before booking a Coolsculpting consultation with them. If you're in Marina Del Ray, I recommend Marina Plastic Surgery. I still go there for my Botox. They're great people and clearly invest a lot of money into their office. They always seem to have the latest and greatest treatment. 5 stars!

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