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Performed 2017

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Hello beauties, my name is Lesley Marie. I am a beauty influencer from New York. I am 23 years old. I am a fairly new mommy to my beautiful one year old daughter named autumn and being a new mommy has been completely amazing. But let’s all be honest, I know i am not the only one who felt insecure about my new mom body. I am fairly small and petite and I didn't gain much weight throughout my pregnancy to begin with. But I did notice after I gave birth, my belly would not go back to being flat. For that reason, I would feel very insecure. So I did my research online for affordable procedures I could get done to fix my little problem and then I came across Coolsculpting. It's been almost a full year since I had my procedure.

I bet you're probably wondering, what is Coolsculpting? Well, it's a treatment for pinchable fat that you have anywhere on your body. Once the fat cells are frozen, they die and are naturally processed and eliminated from the body. This procedure is FDA approved and non-invasive! There's no needles or downtime, which is why I picked Coolsculpting in the first place. I get very nervous when it comes to clinics or hospitals. I wanted something that involved no pain and was not going to interfere with my everyday life. The Coolsculpting procedure fit all of these parameters.

On March 11th, 2017, I went in for a complimentary consultation at Comprehensive Medical Care of the Bronx with Dr. Ray Mercado. I was very nervous at first, but the doctor and his Coolsculpting staff were very professional and kind. We chatted for a bit, as I let them know the areas that made me insecure, which was my stomach region. They asked to see my stomach and marked out (with a marker) all of the areas to be targeted for ft reduction. We discussed my treatment plan. I was going to do it in 4 sessions. Two rounds on the lower left stomach and two rounds on the lower right stomach. Each round was going to last 30 minutes. We took before photos of my stomach and I went home that day feeling great.

My first session was on March 18th. I was a bit nervous because I did not know what to expect as far as pain. But I had been told the procedure was painless. When I arrived at Dr. Mercado's office, I changed into a gown and was able to leave my undergarments on. Then I sat in the room where the procedure was going to be performed. The staff then came in and of course made sure I was 100% comfortable. They went over everything again that I was going to get done and answered any questions I didn't ask at the consultation. Don't be scared to ask all the questions you want! You're paying them! They began first with a pre-treatment skin wipe on the area that was going to get treated for one full minute. Next they applied a gel adhesive pad over the area as well. It protects your skin from the machine. It was very sticky and slightly cold. Next they applied the applicator, which is sort of like an ice vacuum. They place it over the area where there is a maximum amount of fat and when they turn it on, you hear suction just like a house vacuum. The applicator does have an adjustable strap that goes around your back to make sure the applicator stays in place and stays secure on your belly. They then gave me a pillow to place under the applicator, as well as one for my back and my legs for comfort. I also had a television in the room, so I was very relaxed and comfortable.

Each treatment round was 30 minutes. Once we started the machine, it felt very cold at first. Then after 5 minutes, I kind of felt a burning sensation but it did not last long. A few minutes after that, I was completely numb! After about 20 minutes, you do get a bit annoyed but you don't feel anything but coldness.

The staff did come in the room and check on me every few minutes to make sure I was okay and everything was good. I went on Instagram Live to also share the experience with my followers and before you knew it, I was done. The time flew during my treatment. They took me off the machine and my fat looked frozen solid. Then they applied a warm gel and massaged the area for a good while. The massage was the best part -- it's also an extremely important part of the procedure. The massage separates all the frozen cells so your body can take them away more easily. But overall, I felt no pain. After that, they repeated the same exact process for the second round to my left side and after that I was able to go home.

When I got home, I did notice a few hours later that I was a bit sore in the treated area but nothing too crazy. The next day, I was a bit more sore and I did see a tiny bit of bruising, but wearing tights or spanks acted as a tight compress against my stomach and it helped a lot. After a few days, the soreness went away completely.

I did not see results right away. In fact, I did notice that afterwards my belly looked a bit bigger, but it was only because it was a bit swollen. In 2 weeks, I went for a follow-up and also for my second appointment, where we did the last 2 rounds of Coolsculpting on my lower stomach. The second time felt exactly the same as the first time.

After about a month, I did indeed start to see results. But they do tell you it can take up to a full 90 days to see your final results. I am so happy I went along with doing Coolsculpting. I highly recommend it. It's fast, painless and affordable. And the best part was there was no downtime. I was back to normal and free to go about my day right after my procedure. I am happy with my body now and I feel like my body is back to its old self again. Thanks to CoolSculpting I was able to achieve the look I wanted and I recommend you to try it! I've attached a full video of my experience getting Coolsculpting. Hope you enjoy it!

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