Coolsculpting Treatment For My Flanks and Abdomen Were 100% Worth it

JenFlah Patient gender: Female Patient age: 36 Cost: $2,500

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Performed 2018

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Hi Guys! A little over a month ago, I took the plunge and decided to have a Coolsculpting procedure.

To give you a little background on me, I eat healthy, exercise 7 days a week, but had a band of stubborn fat on my abdomen and flanks, specifically towards the back of my body. This problem area made me frequently wear thick-banded workout pants to pull my not so lovable areas in. The stubborn fat I had was not so bad that I felt I required surgery. I was definitely not willing to have liposuction to eliminate it. I wanted a non-invasive form of fat removal and there did not seem to be a treatment on the market that had been around longer or been more popular than Coolsculpting. After some deliberation, I decided to schedule a consultation with Youtherapy Medical in Scarsdale, NY.

Before I jump into what the Coolsculpting procedure experience was like, I'll give you a brief description of how the treatment works. Coolsculpting is a 100% non-invasive fat removal device. There are no needles or probes that go under your skin involved with this procedure. It targets the fat cells in a specific area of your body. It does this by freezing them to a certain temperature. I don’t know all the science behind how the machine works, but was told that as a child, the number of fat cells you have fluctuates. If they are damaged, they can be replenished. As an adult, fat cells that are damaged or destroyed do not come back. This means that if Coolsculpting destroys your fat cells by freezing them, they don't come back..ever, making Coolsculpting a permanent fat reduction procedure. And this is what made it so appealing to me. I wanted the stubborn fat I had to be gone forever.

The other great thing about Coolsculpting is that it works in most areas. You can do your thighs, flanks, abdomen and I think chin too. Depending on the treatment area, different sized applicators are used. My technician told me that you should expect to lose 25% of the fat in the treated area.

For my Coolsculpting treatment, I had 4 cycles during 1 treatment session. My 4 cycles were: lower left and right abs, and lower left and right back (flanks). Most women need at least 2 treatment sessions, but women that are my size can sometimes get away with 1.

How the Coolsculpting treatment works is there's an applicator connected to a hose, which is attached to the Coolsculpting machine. The technician connects the applicator designed for the area that you're having treated. The applicator is like a really strong vacuum. It strongly sucks your tissue into it and then begins to cool. It's definitely a very intense vacuum and it's a bit uncomfortable for the first few minutes of the treatment when the machine sucks your tissues in and you still have sensation. I say still have sensation, because 5-6 minutes into the treatment, you'll become completely numb, and you'll remain that way for 3 weeks or so (I'll explain more about that below). 35 later and the treatment is done. The applicator is pulled off your body and then the technician aggressively massages the frozen block of skin/fat. The massage is supposed to improve your results by 70%, because it breaks up the fat cells and make them easier for your body to carry away. The massage is probably the most uncomfortable part of the procedure (that or the first 5-6 minutes of the treatment before you're numb). The massage was much less painful in my back than my abs. I'm very ticklish in my back and I was laughing pretty hard during the massage. The technician had to pull me back up on the table a few times I was laughing so hysterically. My abs though...that hurt. Not make you cry pain, but certainly squinting pain. The best analogy I can come up with to describe the pain, is imagine sticking your frozen fingers under warm water. Your body would be shocked at the sudden change in temperature. This is what it feels like when the warm hands of the technician rub a frozen numb stick of your body. It's weird and you'll know precisely what I mean when you have your Coolsculpting treatment.

I was swollen following my treatment and wore compression shorts to hold it in. I have heard people online say they experienced no swelling, but I did. I had some bruising on my back too. The bruising looked like hickeys and were caused by the suctions of the applicator. The bruising took 3-4 days to disappear and the swelling took about a week. The numbness lasted for 3-3.5 weeks and then all of my sensation returned.

My results have been nothing short of amazing. Coolsculpting 100% worked for me. Coolsculpting was advertised as a fat reduction treatment and it delivered! At $350-750/cycle it was expensive, but worth every penny I spent on it. I will be returning to Youtherapy for treatment sessions in the future. Good candidates for Coolsculpting will see results and I would recommend it to those individuals.


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