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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2017

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My name is Melissa from Fort Myers, Florida and I am 26 years old. I have wanted to get breast augmentation for a very long time as I was not blessed with a very large chest. I am addicted to the gym and even considered starting to train for a fitness competition but my curves did not really stand out with a flat chest. For this reason (and because I thought I needed a more feminine upper body) is why I decided to go in for a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Before my actual consultation I did a lot of research online by reading women's breast augmentation experiences. Also, I looked at a lot of before and afters of women who were similar size to me so I was more informed on what would fit my body type. I have to admit that looking on social media pictures did also play a role in my decision process. I followed a lot of girls who had breast augmentation surgery on instagram and was able to look at their before and after photos.

My main goal was to have a natural look so if you didn't know that I had plastic surgery it would not be possible to tell. This is also key for fitness competitions because I need to show a strong physique in a bathing suit. A natural looking breast implant would by very complimentary to my big butt and legs.

I had a great initial consultation with Dr. Robert Brueck and ultimately decided to get silicone implants placed under the muscle. I choses silicone over saline implants because they felt more natural to me. I guess it is a personal preference but the doctor agreed with my choice and thought that I would be a great candidate because of my age and my physique. When we were discussing implant size I told him I wanted to be in the C cup range. I am currently an A cup and not a very big girl (I am 5'1" 114 lbs.) so I thought that I solid C cup would fit me very nicely.

I went for my consultation in July and ended up scheduling surgery right around Labor Day. I did this for a couple reasons. First of all, I didn't want to be bandaged up from a boob job over the summer. Second, my friends and I had scheduled a trip to California during August, and third because by scheduling it around Labor Day I was able to couple some of my vacation days with the days I had off from work to allow myself a week to recover after having the procedure. Obviously, it takes longer than a week to recover from the surgery but I was confident (and I did discuss it with the doctor) that I would be okay to be back at a desk job in a week.

The night before the surgery I stopped eating food at around 6 pm because it's important not to have anything in your system prior to the surgery. I think it has something to do with the way the anesthesia will affect your body, but I'm not exactly sure. I showed up the the medical center at 7 am with my mom and was prepped by the nurses for augmentation surgery. I did feel a bit of nausea when I was getting pre-op'd but I would probably say this was a combination of not eating anything and being a little bit nervous for getting surgery.

I think the last thing I remember was seeing Dr. Brueck, but the next thing I knew I was in post-op with my mom. I remember waking up and feeling pretty pain-free. However, the nurses told me the next day or so I will be weening off the anesthesia and would probably start to feel a bit of discomfort. I definitely did feel the pressure on my chest and could look down to actually see a bulge sticking out (something that I was not used to). I was scheduled to come in the following day for a post op appointment with the doctor, so after my mom did a bit of paper work for me I was able to leave with a prescription for pain killers.

I was instructed that I should not be sleeping on my stomach and that using a pillow to prop myself up in bed could make it more comfortable for me to fall asleep. I tried to get some sleep right when I got home, but I found myself not able to get comfortable in my bed so I moved to the living room and fell asleep on our love chair. I did end up taking some of the pain killers but I just did it to follow doctor's orders - I wasn't in too much pain yet. I think the medication did allow me to get some rest though.

The next day I went into see Dr. Brueck for my day after appointment and was super excited to see my new boobs. I was very happy when he unwrapped some of the bandages because the itching was getting a bit out of hand. When I saw my boobs I had mixed emotions just because they looked so beaten up. I was ecstatic with the size but they were very swollen. He told me that everything looked great and it was going to take a while before the swelling went down. He re-bandaged me up and told me I would probably be feeling more discomfort tonight as the anesthesia is probably close to wearing off.

The next few days kind of followed the same routine of me getting most of my rest on the couch, propped up making sure not to be lying on my chest. I think by the 4th day post surgery I was finally able to get some sleep in my bed with a couple of pillows around me. For me it was a bit difficult in my bed because I was always used to sleeping on my side or stomach. So probably depending on how you sleep will correlate if you are able to get any bed sleep post surgery. It was around the 4th day also, when I switched from the pain medication to tylenol. The prescription meds were great and very strong but I was also having very strange dreams and they did seem to make me a bit woozy. My first few days I basically just ate soup and pudding because I didn't have much of an appetite.

After around a week I went back to work in my post surgery bra. I made sure to wear loose fitting shirts because it was more comfortable for me. My recovery time seemed to be on track, maybe even quicker than the doctor explained to me. The only unfortunate part of augmentation surgery (especially for me) was the lack of exercising. It was tough to not do anything for a while - I was instructed to do no working out at all for the first 3 weeks and I wasn't going to be able to do any upper body lifting for at least 6-8 weeks. Putting any strain on my pectoral muscles could affect my recovery and where the implant drops.

I was able to get through my period of no working out and started to introduce some long walks after 3 weeks. My whole personal experience with the surgery was fairly straight forward. Dr. Brueck is probably the sweetest guys I ever met and was thrilled that he did my procedure. He reminds me a bit of my grandpa.

My breast size is everything I ever wanted and my self-esteem is through the roof. In early 2018, I am going to start seriously training for a competition over the summer so I am hoping all goes well there. Anyone considering this surgery, I think you should go for it. As long as you make sure you are going to a board certified plastic surgeon with great credentials I am sure you will be ecstatic with the result.

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Hi Melissa!

I had my surgery 5 weeks ago.  I was a 32A , I'm a sporty girl (horseriding since I was a kid and working out from a year and I mean to keep on with it!) So I would like to know more about the early months after ur surgery, about lifting and working out. May I know how many CC and which procedure u had? Me I have 210cc round implants under muscle (coz I also have very thin skin).Right now , after 5 weeks, I see my new breasts still too big and unnatural !!