December 2017: My Opinion of Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum

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When I started using Latisse, it was because I was really tired of wearing false lashes every day. I have always had, what I considered to be, short and stumpy lashes. But, I felt like I was naked without those falsies. I would even mow my lawn in false lashes!

While I was at the Dermatologist one day, I decided to ask her about my options. She told me about Latisee but I was a little nervous about the possible side affects. However, she let me know about the actual percentages and she herself had been using it. Her lashes looked amazing! So, I decided that I would give it a shot.

I knew that it was going to take sixteen weeks for me to see my full results, so I continued to wear my false lashes through the first four weeks of the process. Wearing them didn’t alter my progress at all. Every night, as I sat down to do my nightly face routine, I took the brush applicator and a drop of latisse to both lash lines. You don’t have to use much and it’s super easy to do. It’s like applying eye liner, only with a thicker brush. I then would allow that to dry for a few minutes before I went in with any of my eye creams and I would also try to keep the cream away from the lash line itself. That way, I wouldn’t disturb or accidentally dilute the latisse and keep it from working properly.

You have to be patient when waiting to see the results, but trust me, they do come. Also, make sure that when you are first starting latisse, you don’t skip any nights. You want to make sure you use it as directed so you don’t prolong your result time. I started to notice at the four week mark that I didn’t feel like I absolutely needed my false lashes anymore. My natural lashes had finally gotten a little bit of noticeable length and had definitely gained thickness. At the eight week mark, I completely stopped wearing false lashes. This was so great and time saving in the morning! I was starting to feel like the investment was paying off. But let me tell you, by the time I finally got to that sixteenth week, I was on cloud nine! My lashes were so incredibly long and thick! With mascara, my lashes would almost hit my brows! I would constantly get asked if I had false lashes on or if I had gotten extensions. Nobody could believe that they were my own lashes! A lot of my friends have now gone out and gotten their own bottle and love it as well. 

As for the side affects, I did get a few but nothing bothersome or anything that would prevent me from continuing my use of Lastisse. I did get the typical red line right above my lash line where you apply the product. That is easily covered by makeup and it’s not anything more bright in color than a vein on my lid anyway. It doesn’t itch, burn or have any other sensation  either. I also thought that my lashes had started to fall out, but they didn’t. One thing to keep in mind is that we all shed lashes. When your lashes are not super long, you don’t notice it as much. But, when they are, you can see a few missing that are growing back and think that they are just gone. They aren’t. They grow  back just as the normally would. I would recommend Latisse to absolutely anyone that wants to have long luxurious lashes. I will continue to use it as

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