The Dermapen Helped With My Hyperpigmentation

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This is my experience having a dermapen treatment for the first time. If you don't know what a dermapen is, it's a handheld tool with microneedles that move up and down out of it. The microneedles create small channels in your skin that cause collagen induction therapy, or the production of new collagen. The new collagen improves the appearance of fine lines, acne scarring, skin tone and the elasticity of your skin. You may have heard of a dermaroller, which is an at home microneedling device. Dermarollers work by making small tears in your skin, while a dermapen works by making small channels. This has to do with a dermaroller's needles 'rolling' over your skin and a dermapen's needles only making vertical movements (up and down, like a tattoo gun). Which one works better I couldn't tell you. My aesthetician told me you're much more likely to damage your skin with a dermaroller than a dermapen.

Why I Had The Dermapen Treatment:

My personal reason for getting a dermapen treatment was because I wanted to improve my skin tone. I have acne scarring, mostly in the form of hyperpigmentation with some shallow depressions, that I wanted to eliminate. There was a medical spa about 2 miles away from my house in Morgantown that I had previously gone to for a chemical peel, so I decided to return back to them when I found out they offered dermapen treatments. They charged $450 for it.

Dermapen Treatment Day:

When I showed up for my dermapen treatment, the aesthetician made sure I was comfortable. She wrapped me in blankets and put a band around my hair to hold it back. She said that would prevent the oils in my hair from getting on my skin and potentially clogging my pores.

Once I was all comfy, she washed my face with a gentle cleanser. I did not wear makeup that day and had taken a shower just before I got to the spa, so my skin was pretty clean to begin with! My aesthetician was very good at explaining the entire dermapen process to me as she did it.

Once my face was cleaned and dry, she applied hyaluronic acid to it. She told me that hyaluronic acid was very good at retaining water, which would moisturize my skin and make it easier for the dermapen to glide over my face.

The last part before the skin needling step was the application of numbing cream. It contained tetrocaine, lidocaine and benzocaine, all of which work as numbing agents. My aesthetician joked around that there are dermapens that penetrate very deep into your skin and require you to be anesthetized due to the pain. Thank god I wasn't having that!

Then the time came for the dermapen. The pen made a buzzing sound as she moved it from my temples , down my cheeks, over my chin, then my forehead, nose and upper lip last. The small spots of my face that had acne scars, she spent a bit more time on. She told me that she did not want to go over the same spot more than twice, except for where my depressed acne scars were. My skin bled a bit as the needles punctured it but she would continuously wipe them away with gauze.

My nose and upper lip were the most uncomfortable spots of the whole dermapen treatment. I wouldn't call what I was felling pain, I could just feel the treatment more.

At the end of my treatment, cold compresses were applied to my face and this stuff called Stratacel made by Strat Pharma was applied. My aesthetician told me the Stratacel locks moisture into your face and protects it. It also helped with the recovery of your skin. It felt good when it was applied, so I didn't complain.

Before I left, I was told to be very gentle with my skin care for at least 5 days post-treatment. I was given a tube of Stratacel and I had to be careful not to get a sunburn and wore SPF 45 lotion to protect my skin. It was summer and the temperate was 85 and sunny the whole week of my treatment.

Recovery From Dermapen Treatment:

My recovery was a cinch. I was a little bit red for the rest of the day after my treatment but by the following morning my skin was almost perfectly clear. Over the next two weeks my skin got smoother and healthier looking. It had this glow about it that it did not have before. It was almost like I had new skin. My hyperpigmentation improved, my large pores became smaller and I semmed to have smooth skin.

What I do it Again?

Yes, I would. I think the dermapen is a great option for skin rejuvenation. It's one of the few mild procedures you can have to improve the way your skin looks. My sister is actually scheduled to get the same treatment next month.

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