Dermaplaning Helped My Textured Skin

HBaker Patient gender: Female Patient age: 23 Location: Hollidaysburg, PA Cost: $85

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After My Other Dermaplaning Procedure - Dermaplaning Helped My Textured Skin  - review image.

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Performed 2018

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I am 20 years old from Altoona, Pennsylvania. I decided to go to a local salon in Hollidaysburg, PA, named “Kelly Kreation” to get the dermaplaning procedure. I have been going to this salon/spa for years- since the day it opened. I get everything from lash extensions to microblading. My skin is not super sensitive, but it is very dry and dehydrated almost all year round. My skin does not have reactions to many products, it seems to be pretty normal. My facial hair is thick, dark and coarse. It grows very fast and all over my face from my chin to my lip to my sideburns. I had very textured skin, with or without makeup.

Dermaplaning was described to me as a medical procedure that removes the top dead layer of skin with a medical grade razor. It is supposed to remove dead skin and peach fuzz (which I was most excited about). It is highly praised in not only the beauty community but also amongst doctors. The price was set at $85 flat. I was originally attracted to it because it promised more smooth and “new” skin, plus my dry skin patches never seem to go away.

Megan Robinson at Kelly Kreation did my procedure. There was no consultation required, the salon just had me sign off stating that I do not use Retinol on my skin. Before going to the appointment, I was instructed to come barefaced- absolutely no makeup. I had my hair pulled back so it would not interfere with the procedure. After I went in and signed the paperwork, I was taken back into the massage chair to start the procedure.

To begin, Megan started by cleansing my skin with a gentle wash and water. She said it was just to make sure extra dirt and makeup was removed from my skin.

Following the cleanse, she pulled my hair into a hairnet just to be safe. She used a medical grade scalpel that came directly from some type of sterilizing water, which assured me it was clean. She started with the perimeter of my face and went inwards, gentling scraping at my skin. It was completely painless! The best way to describe the feeling, is almost like shaving your legs. She went over my nose, chin, forehead and cheeks. She even cleaned up the eyebrow area and went down my neck. This procedure even took off all my peach fuzz and facial hair. Sideburns no more!

In terms of acne, the salon did avoid/go around my acne spots. Instead of further irritating them, there was no problem with just simply avoiding them.

After she was done with the scalpel, she went in with an extraction tool. I did not have many spots that needed to be extracted, so it was quick. I know that the extractions are not necessary and if you do not want your skin to be “extracted”, you don’t have to have it done.

Next, she applied a lemon based exfoliant to my skin. The smell was strong but not in a bad way. I could feel it sink into my skin fast and begin to mildly sting. Nothing uncomfortable, but I could tell it was doing something. She said it was used to further remove the dead skin.

Last part (and possibly my favorite part) was the hot towel. It was nothing special- just a steamed towel. It felt amazing on my skin. With the towel, she massaged my skin for a decent amount of time. It is the perfect way to end the procedure. She applied a thin layer of a heavy moisturizer, and that was it.

The entire procedure lasted maybe 30-45 minutes. After I was done, I was instructed to not touch my face for the rest of the day and not to bother with skincare that night. The facial moisturizer was enough. I was not allowed to lay in direct sunlight for 14 days- which was no problem for me since I fake tan/spray tan. I was allowed to wear makeup the next day if I wanted to and the procedure is only allowed to take place every 30 days since you have to let your skin “grow back” I guess, lol.

My skin looked a bit red and splotchy afterwards. They said it would calm down soon. By the next morning my skin looked brighter, even, and just in general more flawless. I did not have any sensitivity to the procedure or the products.

I would say this procedure is ideal for anyone with textured skin and dry skin. It seriously changed my skin texture like you wouldn’t believe! My makeup went on smo smooth- I cannot even describe it. My face was baby soft to the touch. I have recommended this to hundreds of people and nobody has ever came back with a negative comment. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

My skin eventually did become dry again after a couple weeks and the facial hair grew back. My hair did not grow back thicker, faster, or darker. It just returned to normal in about a month. Skin does replace itself so they cannot deliver permanent results.

Dermaplaning made me feel so much better about my textured skin and helped improve my confidence when not wearing any makeup. Once you try it, you won’t stop!

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