A Dermatologist Who Finally Agreed to Put Me on Accutane

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If your severe acne is ruining your life, you should be on Accutane. I went through all the hoops your dermatologist makes you jump through before finally demanding I be put on Accutane. By not being on Accutane sooner, I was left with depressed acne scars on my cheeks. I even went to 3 different dermatologist during my acne battle and it was like all of them were taught in school to give you all these expensive lotions so that you keep coming back and paying all those copays, and guess what, none of them did a thing! My dermatologist, Dr. Joel Schlessinger and his PA Jackie Hall, were the ones that finally helped me. 

Here’s what you need to know when you’re put on Accutane:

Pros: Accutane works. Your acne will go away and your skin will look the best it ever has a few months into your treatment. You will not have any blackheads. Your pores will be so small they pretty much disappear. Personally, my skin really turned the corner around the 1 month mark. That oil slick that I used to call my face, dried out. BTW - Even if Accutane didn’t cure my acne, not having that disgusting oily face feeling was worth it alone.

Cons: Your skin will be very dry. You will need to apply moisturizer and lip balm constantly. You will regret it if you don’t. Your skin will be red and flaky. Your acne might improve, then get worse and then be cured during your treatment. Do not stop the treatment if your skin starts breaking out worse! This is part of the feared ‘initial breakout period.’ All the junk is being pushed out of your pores by the Accutane. Trust me, you’ll want to persist with your course, because by the end of it your acne will be cured.

Accutane is basically a cure for acne, but it does have side effects. These side effects are bearable. Do not wimp out during your treatment. You’ll have some good weeks and some bad weeks while you’re on Accutane. 6 months of dry skin is worth a lifetime of not having acne. Just make sure you buy tons of moisturizer, lots of lip balm, hydrating eye drops and conditioner (Will help with your dry scalp). I also took biotin to prevent my hair from falling out, even though my dermatologist told me that wasn’t necessary. I did not suffer any hair loss during my treatment, and I’m not sure if that’s because of the biotin, or if was because people who had genetic hair loss took Accutane and blamed it on the drug. My hairs still thick as it was pre-Accutane.

So yea, get on Accutane and solve your acne problem once and for all. 

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