Detailed Experience Recovering From a Labiaplasty

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Performed 2017

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I had a labiaplasty procedure performed 6 months ago and felt the need to share my story with the other women who have posted on this community so you know what to expect.

My labiaplasty was performed by Dr. Troy Hailparn. She was wonderful and I can’t tell you how much more comfortable I was showing my problem to a woman who could relate to me. I simply didn’t feel comfortable showing my private area to a male doctor I didn't know. Some women don't care, but I wasn't one of them. I also went to her because she's a gynecologist and I believed that she had the training to understand my lady parts better than any plastic surgeon would.


My surgery was performed under IV sedation with local anesthesia and my procedure took around 45 minutes to do. I was able to walk out of the surgical facility pretty soon after I was all stitched up. It went very smoothly with no problems.

Week 1 of Recovery

Unlike some of the experiences I had read online, I did not feel much pain. On a scale of 10, I would say it was a 2 to 3. I do have a high tolerance for pain though. I think I took 1 or 2 Tylenol and did not even need painkillers. I took some Advil (2x every 6 hours for the first 2 days and then 1 every 6 hours for next 3) for its anti-inflammatory properties. I would also ice the area frequently using a gel pack that I placed in my underwear. I did 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off through the majority of the day for the first 4 days of my recovery. From day 5 onwards I didn't feel the need to ice so frequently.

Bleeding was not severe either. I needed a pad for the first day of my recovery for a few spots of blood and then switched to a liner. I forced myself to stay in bed for the first 4 days after surgery, even though 2 was suggested. I took a week off from work, so I was able to spend much of the day watching Netflix and relaxing. The more I was able to stay horizonal, the less swelling I was told I would have. I stayed comfortable by putting a knee pillow between my legs, which I got off Amazon. Other women had told me two pillows between your legs work just as well, but my husband took the liberty to buy me the knee pillow, which worked out great.

Showering during my recovery was not a problem. I took a shower the day after surgery. I was careful around my surgical area for obvious reasons though. A tip I would offer while washing, is that you keep a few clean bottles of water near your toilet. When you pee, pour the water over yourself and this should help prevent a stinging sensation.

Week 3 of Recovery

The third week of my recovery was the first time my stitches had all dissolved and my wounds were completely mended. I felt really itchy down below just before my stitches fell out, My doctor warned me not to push the limits of my body and said I should avoid strenuous activities for a month, at which point I could resume my vigorous workout regimen (and resume baths, swimming and so forth). I like to do spin class a few times a week, so I was happy I could return to working out.

My labia were still swollen but my results were starting to take shape. It was day and night from the early days early days of my recovery. My doctor warned me not to look down at my vagina because of how swollen and alien it would look and she was right about that. If you're just out of recovery, don't be alarmed at how bad your labia look. The swelling will subside over time and you will look much better.

Week 10 of Recovery

Around this time is when my labia looked really good. The swelling was entirely gone and things looked great. I had sex with husband at exactly 10 weeks post-op and it felt amazing. The saying 'when you look good, you feel good' played true for me. My confidence was so much higher and I was felt more comfortable doing things in bed.

I did the right thing by having labiaplasty and I'm glad I picked Dr. Hailparn. She was very pleasant to deal with and her staff was great too. Good luck with your surgery ladies! 


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