Disappointing Results From Coolsculpting

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I was never extremely obese but I was overweight and have recently lost about 60 lbs so I do have a lot of loose skin around my stomach. However, I still wanted to try the fda cleared non-invasive procedure Coolsculpting to see if I could freeze some more fat off of my stomach and flanks. My love handles have less loose skin than my stomach so I was told I would probably see more results there than on my stomach (which I did).

The technician actually told me that a coolsculpting treatment to an area with a lot of loose skin would probably not yield the best results. She was absolutely right about that. The non-surgical treatment did nothing at all to my stomach. Although I knew I might see little results to my lower stomach, I was still hoping for some sort of quick fix that would tighten my skin a bit so I would feel more comfortable in a bathing suit. With that being said about my stomach area, I did see some slimming of my love handles as the months went by after the procedure. The results are not supposed to be instant, so as the months go on you should see some fat loss to the treated area.

They applied the large applicator in 3 spots. First on my lower stomach and then on each of my love handles (each individually) so I was there for a good 2 hours. It is important that you bring something like a book or iPad to kill the time or you will be very bored. They did have a TV at the spa I went to, but I decided to bring my iPad and catch up on some Netflix shows. When the applicator is first applied it feels extremely cold and pretty painful first the first 10 minutes before the treatment area goes numb. Another side effect that I experienced, was that I ended up being numb in my lower stomach and flanks for about 3 months. A big reason why I tell people that this procedure really was not for me.

They will tell you that it really depends on your body type and some people take to the coolsculpting machine to reduce fat cells better than others. My body type clearly was not the right fit for the procedure. Don't get me wrong, I did see some slimmer in my love handles like I explained above but I took many moneys to even see it. Although liposuction is an invasive procedure, you can get that done for probably around the same price as one coolsculpting session and can see results immediately.

Possible Reasons for my misfortune with Coolsculpting

  • I have loose skin in my stomach so it is very possible that a non-invasive fat reduction cooling treatment was not right for me. To see improvement with my loose skin I may have to go for a Tummy tuck, or mini-tummy tuck
  • I only went for one session. Some people will see results with one session but it is usally recommended to return up to 5 times. Multiple treatments about a month apart improve the chances of weight loss
  • My body type is just not right for the coolsculpting procedure. I have read other coolsculpting reviews where patients just admit that the procedure was not the right one for them.

Reasons I would tell someone to avoid Coolsculpting

  • It is very expensive. I only did one session for around $1200, but if you do 5 sessions you could be looking at over $5,000 for a procedure that may not give you the results you desire
  • The treated area is numb forever! I was scared that something went wrong and I would not get sensation back in my lower stomach. I even called the office and was told that this was a common side effect and not to worry. Luckily after about 3 months I started to be able to feel my stomach again.
  • It hurts! I may be a wuss but it definitely was pretty painful. The 2 hours that I was in for the treatment I was very uncomfortable
  • Coolsculpting could cause a lot of scar tissue which could affect later invasive procedures. They told me this after I got my procedure. I was not happy to here this and I am hoping I did not hurt my chances of being approved for future surgery

I fully get why people have no desire to go under the knife, so coolsculpting is a procedure that seems like a savior because it is said to reduce a ton of belly fat. I want to stress that it should be marketed as IT MIGHT reduce belly fat. It really depends if you and your body are the right candidate for the procedure. I was not and personally do not recommend coolsculpting. However, before I had the procedure I read a lot of success stories so I am assuming the fat freezing worked for others. Honestly, if you want to get a procedure just suck it up and get an invasive procedure from a qualified plastic surgeon. At least you will definitely see results. Hope this helps!

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