Dorsal Hump is Now Gone

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Performed 2016

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I’m writing this to share my experience with a rhinoplasty. Whether you’re just curious or considering the rhinoplasty procedure for yourself, hopefully this helps. I don’t know a lot of technical terms, but basically my nose projected from my face quite a bit so I had them shave it down. They pinched in the sides to reduce the bulge and lifted it as well. Also, there was always a shadow right on the sides of my upper nose in pictures which I wanted them to take care of. The night before surgery I was a bit scared, but I packed the essentials (phone, computer, magazines, comfy clothing) and made sure I did my hair (I wanted to make sure I looked good during surgery, of course).

When I woke up from surgery, I didn’t feel bad at all. Swallowing was a bit weird and I may have looked like crap, but I certainly didn’t feel that way. When the doctor came in, he informed me that everything went exactly as planned and the bruising shouldn’t be that bad. The next day, it turned out that he was right. There was minimal bruising which is odd considering they had to break my nose. The worst part was I couldn’t sleep at all that night, literally not one wink. The good thing is everyone at the hospital was super helpful and accommodating; there was one nurse who even snuck me some cupcakes throughout the night! Honestly the worst part for me was the needle that was on the back of my hand. I kept knocking it against the bar on the bed and other things and it made me cringe all night!

For the first day or so, there was a lot of gunk and fluids coming down my nostrils, which flows into the little towel they attach under your nose. That was pretty temporary. One thing I should mention is when they remove the little dildos they put up your nose after surgery. It didn’t hurt at all, but boy was that gross! The blood and boogers that came out, it felt like a part of my brain came with it.

The second day after surgery wasn’t that different from the first, except I was a bit more congested. There wasn’t real pain, just a bit of throbbing which was more annoying than painful. Sleep was better, but still almost impossible because you are required to sleep sitting up. Also, I could not move my upper lip at all (that lasted for about a week). One of the difficult things for me was not being able to wash my face! I did, however, use Garnier Micellar water which proved to be a lifesaver for the first week. I would put it on little cotton swabs and blot different parts around the nose making sure not to get it wet. It is highly recommended! Also, I used arnica quite a bit to help with the swelling around my nose and under my eyes. This seemed to work quite well.

When I went to the doctor a week after surgery to get my cast removed, it was a pretty amazing experience. Removing the stitches hurt a little, but when I saw my nose for the first time, I was SO happy. Sure it was still swollen, but I could immediately tell the difference and I was ecstatic. As the weeks went by, the swelling continued to go down and it just got better and better.

The last thing I wanted to mention was other people’s opinions. Truthfully, I did this for myself and it was something I had thought about for 10 years. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to do it. I never liked the look of my nose in pictures and I did this for my own security. As I expected, fixing this has given me so much more confidence and I couldn’t be happier.

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