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Performed 2015

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I never really had issues with my skin until around a year ago, when I was 20 years old. I had been taking birth control pills for about 4 years and then I ran out at one point and didn't get a refill. When I stopped the pills, it seemed like that was when all my skin problems started. I first broke out bad around my neck, forehead, and back. I thought it was due to not taking my birth control pills anymore but I started those back up and didn't really see any changes in my skin. Then I broke out into small and itchy pimples around the areas my hair touches and I thought it was due to a new shampoo I was using, so I finally decided to seek out professional medical advice and went to see a dermatologist. She said the itchy breakouts were most likely due to the new shampoo I had been using but I also might have just adult acne too. So, she started me on Doryx, an oral antibiotic. She prescribed me a 3-month supply and I took one 120mg pill once a day, every night for 3 months. I didn't start to see any changes in my skin until about the last month, when my skin really cleared up. I was amazed at how well the Doryx pills worked! The only downside to taking them was that they made me very sensitive to the sun. If I was out all day in the sun, then I would feel a little sick and my hands would get tingly. I could really feel the tingling in my hands if I rinsed them under cold or warm water. It's a very weird sensation and almost feels like your hands fell asleep. I just avoided being in the sun too much or I would just try to stay in the shade and I wouldn't have that problem. I only felt sick when I was in the sun all day on a boat (I don't get seasick and I know it was due to the Doryx), otherwise it's just the tingling hands which only tingle when exposed to cold or warm water.

Two months after my Doryx prescription ran out, I didn't think I needed it anymore. Well, I was wrong. I started breaking out again. It got bad on my chest and back and made me not want to wear tank tops or anything that would show the break out areas. The type of acne I had was like regular sized pimples, all over. It wasn't cystic but some did hurt and it was very frustrating. This time, my dermatologist thought it could just be adult acne. So, she started me on the Doryx again and my skin took about a month and a half to clear up completely again. Now, I may get one or two pimples occasionally but the Doryx has really cleared up everything drastically and I'm proud to show off my skin now! As for being in the sun, I don't have any problems from it if I limit my sun exposure, which I should do anyways because my skin is very fair and I get sunburns easily.

I've tried many different over the counter skin care cleansers and acne treatments like Paula's Choice, Mario Badescu cleansers and masks, and brands like Neutrogena. Nothing worked like Doryx and it was by far the best acne treatment I had ever used. I am currently taking the Doryx still and my skin is very clear and has been pretty consistently.

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