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Performed 2017

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Hi guys! The purpose of this article is to report on my experience with my double eyelid surgery. Full disclaimer, my goal is not to push cosmetic surgery on anyone; however, I do feel that if you are unhappy with a part of your body and there are options, I fully support people who opt for it. For me, I decided to have my double eyelid surgery in Korea so pay close attention if you are considering this option. With technology where it is today, I was able to do a lot of research and communicate with the plastic surgeon before making the trip. I decided on ID Hospital because of their solid results and different recommendations. The trip itself was 9 days and because I was on such a tight schedule, I planned many of the appointments ahead of time.

I went into the hospital for my consultation the day after I arrived in Korea. It was a pretty surreal feeling being there. I had thought about this cosmetic procedure for some time and the fact that I was finally going through with it gave me a sense of happiness. When you settle in, they have you fill out a questionnaire inquiring about your reasons for plastic surgery, what you hope to accomplish, how you found out about the hospital, etc. After filling this out, you proceed to have your pictures taken. They give you hair ties in order to pull your hair back and have you turn to different angles so they can see everything.

Eventually you meet with a consultant who is proficient in many languages such as Chinese, English, etc. I explained the type of eye shape and crease height I was looking for and she explained I would need ptosis as well as an Asian blepharoplasty. Ptosis correction is a procedure where they correct your muscles to improve the look around your eyes. They essentially tighten up the sagging area which gives you a look of being more awake and less lethargic. It is very common to have both procedures done simultaneously so not to worry!

After meeting with the consultant, the doctor finally comes in and begins simulating the crease you are looking for. He uses a small instrument and gently pokes (which doesn’t hurt) and manipulates your eyelid until you feel comfortable with the look. I recommend bringing a picture of what you’re trying to accomplish as this was very helpful in my case. The doctor had a much better idea after showing him this. After meeting with the doctor, which was only for about 10 minutes or so, he sends you on your way and gives you instructions on how to prepare for the surgery.

Because of the anesthesia, you are not allowed to eat for at least 6 hours prior to the surgery. Before having the procedure, you meet with the doctor to confirm what you want and then he begins to mark your upper eyelids and lower eyelids and traces out the crease. After that, you are escorted to a room where you put on your hospital gown and wait for the doctor. It was kind of nerve-racking because as I was waiting for the doctor, I noticed another girl walking down the hallway who was very weak and had to be helped by a nurse. Just bad timing!

When I woke up post surgery, it was actually a funny feeling. I have never been drunk before, but I imagine it is similar to that experience. I was pretty loopy and definitely not making any sense, but I felt pretty relieved overall. I couldn’t stop laughing and the nurses had to tell me to be quiet, ha. After a bit of time, you are pretty much free to go. I understood then why that girl felt weak and needed help because you definitely experience that. It wears off pretty quickly though so not to worry!

I had my stitches removed 7 days after the surgery, which was the same day I was set to leave Korea. As I mentioned, it was a tightly packed schedule but it all worked out. I was concerned that removing the stitches would hurt, but it wasn’t painful at all. I can understand how the cutting sound can freak people out, but that’s the only thing. It was a really quick procedure as well, only a minute or so for each eye. It was also nice because the doctor came in to see me that day as well. He reassured me that everything looked as it should and was healing properly.

Many people have asked about the pain and for someone who absolutely avoids doctors and surgery, the eye surgery was a breeze. On a scale of 1 to 10, the overall rating for surgery was a 1 and the stitches removal was a 1.5. There is minimal bruising during the healing process which is also not painful. However, don’t expect instant results. Even after the surgery, it can take up to a year before your eyelids take on its new permanent shape. That being said, there is instant improvement which gives you a nice feeling, even if it’s a little swollen. Anyway, that pretty much sums up my experience with the Asian eyelid surgery. As you might be able to tell, I am extremely happy with the results and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering the procedure.

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I've heard it's cheaper than $3500 in Korea. My cousin had the surgery done and I don't believe shed paid $3500 for her procedure.