Double Eyelid Surgery With Dr. Talei Was A Great Success

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Before Asian Eyelid Surgery - Double Eyelid Surgery With Dr. Talei Was A Great Success  - review image.

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Performed 2017

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I am a 28 year old American born male of Korean decent. Like many Koreans, I’ve always been cognizant of the fact that I did not have a crease in my eyelids like my caucasian friends. In the Korean community it is a common belief that having bigger and brighter eyes makes a person more attractive. I too subscribed to this belief and have for a very long time wanted to have Asian eyelid surgery, which is sometimes called an Asian blepharoplasty.

Before I ever stepped foot in a plastic surgeon’s office, I used to spend time in front of the mirror using a q-tip to form a temporary crease in my eyes. Each time I did it, I really liked the way my eyes looked and was always disappointed when the crease unfolded when I blinked my eyes. I wanted to make this crease permanent and that’s what ultimately pushed me to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon where I live in LA.

The doctor that I chose was recommended by 2 of my friends who had also had eyelid surgery. I liked how their eyes came out and they both said the doctor they went to was great. So this is how I found my doctor, Dr. Ben Talei.

Dr. Talei is a really nice, smart guy. I was very comfortable in his hands and he really took the time during my procedure to show me how different creases would look. A friend of mine who is in training to be a surgeon at Stanford told me that the ethos of a good surgeon is to ‘measure twice and cut once.’ This is exactly what Dr. Talei did during my procedure. He measured where the crease was going to be placed in my upper eyelid multiple times, made sure I was happy with it, and then made the cuts. The steps of the procedure were as follows:

  1. He showed me how different creases would look.
  2. Once a location for the crease was determined, he made the measurements, which he described as the most difficult part of the procedure.
  3. My eyes were cleaned with betadine (an orange/yellow looking solution).
  4. I was numbed. I felt a slight pinch during the first injection in each eyelid when I was numbed at that was all.
  5. Waited 10-15 minutes until I was completely numb. (Ice packs were frequently placed on my eyes between steps to prevent me from swelling).
  6. Dr. Talei cut and sutured one eye at a time. I think it took around 20 or 30 minutes per eye, but it was tough to keep track of time because I was little nervous. The Valium I was given beforehand did help to calm my nerves though.
  7. Then I was done!

My recovery went as I had expected. I had swelling and a very small amount of bruising, but I was told that would happen, so it was not a surprise. The first 4 days were the roughest part of my recovery. This is when I was most swollen. By the end of the second week after my surgery, almost all of my swelling had gone away and I already looked pretty normal. I would say that my recovery was not that bad. 

It's been over a year since my surgery and I really like the way my eyes look (see photos). I think Dr. Talei did an amazing job and I would suggest seeing him if you're considering this surgery.

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