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Dr. Breslow actually performed my third implant surgery, and he did a fantastic job!

I first got a breast augmentation back in 1983. I’d always been flat-chested and hated it, so I went for one and had silicone implants put in. At first, things were fine, but I had the implants replaced with saline implants in 2001 when there was all that hubbub about silicone gel implants. Of course, neither of these procedures were with Dr. Breslow.

As I got older, I decided that the implant size I had were too large for my body. I wanted a more moderate look – one that wasn’t so top heavy. I also never liked the saline implants because they didn’t feel natural. So, 17 years after my implant exchange, I decided to get another one.

Finding Dr. Breslow

I found Dr. Breslow online. In doing my research, I read everything I could about him. I did look into other plastic surgeons as well, but was attracted by the promise of a free consultation with Dr. Breslow’s office. The other doctors required me to pay for a consultation. Of course, that fee would be put to the cost of my cosmetic surgery, but only if I went with them. I didn’t want to consult with doctors at $200 a visit and feel pressured to go with them. I appreciated Dr. Breslow’s no-strings-attached approach.

The Consultation

I loved my consultation with Dr. Breslow. I liked that he was younger than some of the other doctors I saw, which meant to me that he didn’t have one foot out the door and into retirement. I also liked that he didn’t rush me at all. He was attentive to my questions and concerns, and he listened to what I wanted, which was a smaller and more natural fit with silicone implants.

Most notably, he didn’t promise anything unrealistic. I asked him for a very clear understanding of what it would look like in the end, and he provided me with that. His answers to all of my questions were meticulous and realistic, which really impressed me.

Finally, I was very taken with the office. It didn’t feel like a commercial experience at all. The office was comfortable and the staff was amazing.

The Surgery

I had one more consultation before the surgical procedure in which I was given instructions. I was told not to take any Tylenol or other blood thinners before my breast implant exchange surgery and to cleanse my body of anything else I might be taking. Dr. Breslow gave me a whole written packet of instructions, which made me feel confident in my decision.

The actual procedure was very easy. The surgical center is located in the same building as his office, making it very accessible. It was also only 10 minutes from my home, so getting there was a piece of cake. My husband drove me there, and they made him very comfortable in the waiting room while I was in surgery.

Honestly, I wasn’t awake long when I arrived, so there’s only so much that I remember. I was given general anesthesia for the procedure, which included the implant exchange and a bilateral breast lift. When I woke up, I was well cared for. They gave me time to rest up and become more alert before sending me home.

Recovery Time

I was sent home with postoperative instructions for how to care for the implants. They gave them to my husband verbally and again to me in writing, so I was sure to understand everything that needed to be done. They even called to follow up that evening and check on me in addition to scheduling a follow-up meeting for the next day.

The first few days were rough. I was in a moderate amount of pain, especially in the incision around the areola. They had given me painkillers to manage the pain, as well as an additional medication to help with clotting.

Finally, I was sent home with a special bra that opens from the front and some drains. There was one drain in each breast located under the armpits where my bra line was. The instructions I was given included very specific instructions for how to care for those drains, including emptying the hoses into a vessel that then itself had to be emptied. I even had to measure the amount of fluid that was coming out. The drains stayed in for about 4-5 days before being removed in a follow-up appointment.

Other instructions included specifics for how I was to sleep. I slept on my back only with a pillow under each arm so as not to put undue pressure on the implants. I was also instructed not to walk, lift, or raise my arms above my head for a day or two. The later was especially important given the placement of the incisions.

My Results

The procedure went off seamlessly. I experienced no complications. Each of my follow ups have been straight-forward, including a few after the procedure, one at the six month mark, and another that I’m expecting soon.

I’m a workout enthusiast, so I was eager to get back to normal. I had to stop exercising for about eight weeks. But I got right back in the saddle after eight weeks and everything was fine. So I’d say that I felt about back to normal at that point.

I’m really pleased with the aesthetic results as well. There is some scarring around my nipples, but it is really minimal. They gave me this cream to use on the scar tissue, and it was worked really well. I’m also amazed at how symmetrical the new implants look. They honestly look great.

On top of that, I feel great. Now that I have a smaller implants, my breasts feel so much more natural. And they still look youthful. You’d think for a woman who is 62-years-old that my breasts appear firm and not saggy. They also fit well with me athletic body type, with further adds to the overall natural effect.

I honestly can’t say enough about how much I love the results. I’m even wearing one of my favorite button-down blouses right now. It used to pull right around where my boobs are because they were so big. Now it fits perfectly. I don’t even think about the fact that I have breast implants now, whereas before it was always in the back of my mind.

Advice to Others

My main advice to anyone looking to get breast implants is to make sure you’re in sync with your doctor and their team. You want to make sure you feel comfortable with them and are confident in their abilities. This is also a good time to ask a lot of questions. After all, there are no guarantees when it comes to plastic surgery, but you can give yourself more realistic expectations by staying informed.

I’d also recommend Dr. Breslow to anyone looking for a surgeon. Having been through breast surgery three times, I can say without a doubt that he’s the best. In fact, I’ve already recommended him to several people and have gone back to his office myself for Botox and facials.

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