Dr. Heidi Waldorf in an Amazing Botox Injector!

LexiSti Patient gender: Female Patient age: 35 Cost: $500

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2018

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I did not mind getting older until I turned 33. This is when I first noticed I was getting deep lines on my forehead. I always believed I would age naturally, but I have to be honest, there was nothing 'graceful' about looking in the mirror every morning and seeing lines on my face. I started to feel self-conscious about my looks and age seemed like it was more than just the number everyone talks about. It especially bothered me because I work in sales and looking good is a huge part of my job. I'm competing against much younger women and selling to mostly male clientele. No matter how good I am at my job, there is no denying that looks do indeed matter. 

My sister works for a well regarded dermatologist in Manhattan and I asked her for a good Botox injector closer to my home in New City, NY. The dermatologist my sister works for recommended I see Dr. Heidi Waldorf, who she was told was one of these doctors who works with many of the pharmaceutical companies to test the latest drugs and machines. I didn't know who else to see, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Waldorf. 

At my appointment, Dr. Waldorf was great. I discussed my concerns with her and Dr. Waldorf explained that Botox would be the perfect treatment for my forehead lines. She injected me above and between my eyebrows. She also injected me in the middle of my forehead and at the highest most wrinkles on my forehead. The whole procedure took about 10 minutes. I honestly could not believe how quickly and pain free the Botox injections were. 

About an hour after my injections, I looked in the mirror and have no redness or swelling. Three days after my treatment when I looked in the mirror I could see that my forehead muscles did not move as much when I scrunched my face. 

2 months after my Botox injections, my forehead wrinkles were gone. I am in love with the results I got! I will most certainly be returned to Dr. Waldorf for additional Botox injections. I just hope the Botox keeps working as well as it did this first time around! 

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