Dr. Pryor Saved Me From Botched Breast Implants

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Before and afters

Breast Implant Revision Before - Dr. Pryor Saved Me From Botched Breast Implants - review image.
Breast Implant Revision Before - Dr. Pryor Saved Me From Botched Breast Implants - review image.
Breast Implant Revision After - Dr. Pryor Saved Me From Botched Breast Implants - review image.
Breast Implant Revision After - Dr. Pryor Saved Me From Botched Breast Implants - review image.

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Breast implant revision


Performed 2018

Procedure review

When I went to Dr. Landon Pryor for my breasts, I’d already been through the ringer with a couple of other plastic surgeons. Dr. Pryor was not doing a simple breast augmentation. He was repairing the damage done by botched surgeries while still giving me the size and shape breasts that I’d been looking for. By the time I found him, I was losing faith that I’d ever see improvement in my breasts, and he thankfully proved me wrong.

My History

I first got saline implants back in 2005. I’d been very heavy at one point in my life due to medication I’d been taking at the time. Eventually, I lost 70 lbs thanks to some hard work and better eating habits. But when you’re that in your late 30s, your body doesn’t necessarily go back the way you’d like it to. I wanted cosmetic surgery to recapture a youthful look.

So that year, I had pretty much a complete body transformation. And as great a reputation as my surgeon had, I felt he didn’t really listen to what I and my husband wanted. He ended up putting in an implant size that he thought was best. They were way too big for me and tended to go toward the side. I didn’t like them at all.

About three or four years after the initial surgery, I went for a second breast surgery with a new surgeon. He redid the breast augmentation, putting in new silicone implants. I was happy at first. The breast size and overall results were definitely better right out of the gate. But over time, I developed some issues. It was almost like my breast was separating from the implant. I ended up with one “pancake breast.”  

I lived like this for a while, hesitant to attempt yet another implant revision surgery. But I was unhappy, and at 53, I eventually decided to try again with yet another surgeon.

Meeting Dr. Pryor

I first learned about Dr. Pryor through word of mouth. After hearing some chatter about him, I checked out his website and reviews. I’d also gone to his office for a couple of smaller procedures, so I’d met his staff before, and I liked them.

I’m not going to lie. I was terrified about starting this process over again. When I first met with Dr. Pryor, I brought my husband with me for support and together we asked a lot of questions. Dr. Pryor was extremely knowledgeable and professional, answering all of those questions. He instilled a great deal of confidence in me, and I decided to move forward.

Between that meeting and the breast implant replacement surgery, I went to see him a couple of more times. I was still feeling anxious, particularly because we didn’t know for certain what size implants I currently had. I’d lost the paperwork with that information and wasn’t able to get in touch with my last surgeon. I was worried that not knowing that would seriously affect the outcome. Dr. Pryor assured me that they would get a few different sizes to help them find the right fit during surgery.

As the surgery approached, I also took care of myself. Per Dr. Pryor’s directions, I stopped drinking for three weeks prior to the procedure. One of his staff members also recommended that I eat fresh cut pineapple and drink pineapple juice, which I did every day leading up to the surgery date.

Surgery Day

From the moment I entered the office on the scheduled day, I knew I’d made the right decision. Dr. Pryor was meticulous and laser focused. He took out a measuring tape and started measuring where my breasts were and where they needed to be, something I’d never seen either of my previous surgeons do. It was clear to me that he knew what he was doing and wanted to do a good job.

He was also extremely understanding of my surgery concerns. In one of the previous surgeries, my surgeon had gone away to do another procedure, leaving a student to stitch me up. I was not consulted about that and certainly wouldn’t have consented to it. I made Dr. Pryor promise me that he wouldn’t leave me during surgery. He was very patient with my concerns and did as promised.

During the surgery, Dr. Pryor found that my implants were smaller than we’d anticipated. After all, I wasn’t able to tell him the exact size. So the sizes he’d chosen weren’t the right fit. He tried reaching out to some local hospitals to see if they had the right size, but they didn’t. That’s when his professional ingenuity really kicked in.

He selected the implant that was the closest fit and crafted the perfect size for me by removing some breast tissue to accommodate the larger implant. I couldn’t be happier about this, particularly because I have a history with breast cancer. But mostly I was amazed that he was able to capture the exact size that I’d wanted.

The procedure was supposed to cover both the implant replacement and a neck lift. After all, if you’re going to go under, then why not do both, right? However, Dr. Pryor’s creative problem solving and careful approach took time. That combined with concerns over my rising blood pressure lead the team to pull me out before they got to the neck lift. I’m also extremely pleased with this decision. Dr. Pryor takes surgeries seriously. He doesn’t rush and he puts patient safety above all else.

Recovery and Results

Honestly, I remember taking my first shower after the operation and looking in the mirror. I was so happy that I started crying. I ended up writing Dr. Pryor a letter telling him how overwhelmingly pleased I was with the results. They were exactly what I wanted.

Recovery went fairly smoothly. I had one small hiccup where I was allergic to something - I think it was my antibiotics. Whatever it was, it was making my incisions really itchy. Dr. Pryor told me to take benadryl and it cleared right up within a couple of days. I had no other noteworthy complications.

The overall results are amazing. I mean it. The scar tissue and incisions look better than they did after either of the first two surgeries. After everything that had happened, I didn’t think it was possible for them to look and feel this good. I was wrong.

I took really good care of myself before and after the surgery, even going so far as to wear my surgical bra long after I could have stopped. I think the combination of doing well for myself this time around and having a great surgeon gave me an outcome that I’m 100% thrilled with. I’m so pleased with the results that I’m planning to go back to Dr. Pryor for other surgeries, including the neck lift that we had to postpone.

Advice to Others

First of all, don’t feel pressured into going too big for your breast implants. A lot of women seem to think that it’s all about bigger bigger bigger, but I think that’s harder on your body. I think women need to really look at themselves as how they are and aim for something that looks natural.

Second of all, find a surgeon who knows his or her stuff. It’s that simple. You want someone who can answer your questions and will take the time before and during your plastic surgery to make sure you get the results you want. Maybe that means shopping around and maybe that means going with a surgeon like Dr. Pryor who you know is the right choice.

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