Earlobe Repair Surgery With Dr. David Tauber

jcbflower Patient gender: Female Patient age: 39 Cost: $1,190

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Earlobe Repair


Performed 2017

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Hello - My name is Jenna and I live in Albany, NY. The plastic surgeon I went to was Dr. David Tauber, who is one of the nicest, most sincere men I have ever met. He made me feel very comfortable from the instant I met him. I was a bit nervous before having my earlobe repair surgery and he made me feel very comfortable. He also delivered the results he promised and my earlobe looks great.

The reason I needed to have earlobe repair surgery is because I was a bit of a renegade as a youth. From my early twenties until my mid thirties I wore 1 -1/4 inch plugs in my ears. My earlobes stretched because of this and by the time I was 35, I realized it would not be wise to continue wearing my plugs. They had also become quite bothersome. The winters in Albany are very cold and because of the size the plugs made my ears, no ear muffs covered them properly. The plugs also became a real pain when I slept and showered. I knew I was at a stage in my life where it was best to remove them and get my earlobes repaired. Dr. Tauber charged me $1190 and he did the entire surgery under local anesthesia. I was nervous before the procedure started and Dr. Tauber really comforted me.

I experienced no pain after the surgery and 6 weeks later I was almost completely healed up and my ear looked great. I am happy I made the decision to have this surgery and glad I picked Dr. Tauber.

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