Experience Getting a Arm and Breast Lift. $9090 With Dr. Bruce Kadz

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Experience Getting a Arm and Breast Lift. $9090 With Dr. Bruce Kadz - review image.
Experience Getting a Arm and Breast Lift. $9090 With Dr. Bruce Kadz - review image.

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My name is Tina Garland and this is my experience getting arm lift and breast lift surgery.

As a post gastric bariatric surgery patient, I had massive weight loss. I had lost 165 pounds after my gastric bypass surgery. For anyone that's ever lost weight, you know losing 165 lbs is no small feat. I had significant weight loss and my arm and breast skin showed it. With all the excess fat that I had lost, I was left with a tremendous amount of loose excess skin, causing saggy breasts and bat wings. For this reason, I decided to look into aesthetic plastic surgery to help with these issues. I found a great board certified plastic surgeon named Dr. Bruce Kadz. I decided to make an appointment with him to see what could be done about my issue.

Monday 2/24/14 was my initial consultation for my breast and arm lift surgery. Anxious and eager, I went to Dr. Kadz's Inland Empire location. When I arrived, I filled out some forms about my medical history and waited for the doctor. I was then called in to see Dr. Kadz and he examined the loose skin on my breasts and arms, and told me I was a good candidate for both the (Brachial) arm lift and breast lift. I was also told I did not need breasts implants, only a lift. The total cost for these procedures came to $9090.

Pre-op set for 2/27/2014 and a surgical date of 3/04/14 to take place at Dr. Kadz's Beverly Hills office and surgery center. I had never had any surgical procedures, so I was pretty scared.

Thursday 2/27/14 - I arrive at the office for my Pre-Op consultation around 2:30 pm. Lab work, photos, paperwork, and my final payment is provided. I was given instructions on how the procedure was expected to go, post-operative instructions, prescriptions, and follow up appointments made.

Tuesday 3/4/14 - I barely slept a wink, but it's surgery day. Per the instructions I received, I arrived at the surgery center around 7 am, escorted by my boyfriend Kenny. Without makeup, contact lenses and any jewelry. I was stoked and ready to get this show on the road.

We checked in and sat in the lobby for maybe 30-40 minutes. Closer to 8 am, I was called in. Shared a final prayer and kiss with Ken, and I was then ushered into the back. I met with the anesthesiologist and additional surgical staff. I changed into a gown and an IV was put in place. Dr. Kadz entered the room, additional photos were taken, and I was “marked up”. Almost instantly, we left the examination room, and entered the operating room, which was down the hall. Holding the backed opening of my gown, I was escorted by my doctor and his nurse. I was prompted to lay on the surgical table and was given instructions by the anesthesiologist. He told me I was going on a “vacation.' He asked me to count backwards from 10. Honestly, I think I only got to 7 before I was completely knocked out. You certainly can't fight general anesthesia. It's too powerful!

After what seemed like no more than 2 hours, I awoke to my boyfriend Kenny at my bedside. It turned out to 3pm already, so the surgery was longer than the 2 hours it felt like. I felt tired and had some discomfort after the procedure, which I was given pain medication for. Within moments after awaking, I began to shake and vomit. I was given a few pills for nausea and rested for at least another hour. Dr. Kadz then came in and told me both my arm lift and breast surgery had gone as planned. Then my nurse helped me put on my 'house dress' and placed me in a wheelchair and walked me out to Ken, who was waiting in the car out back. It was now time for my recovery period to begin.

For the most part, I was medicated and sleeping for the first 2 days after my procedure. I had bruising and swelling and it wasn't until after about two days that I could have a decent conversation with someone, as I was too medicated to speak to most people before then. My arms felt tight, although I had compression sleeves on, so I wasn't sure if it was due to this. Overall, I was having a relatively easy recovery.

Friday 3/7/14 - I had my first post op appointment back at the Inland Empire Office. The doctor examined my arm skin and breasts. He told me everything looked great and told me to avoid all heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks. Dissolvable sutures were used during my procedure, so I was instructed to keep things clean and dry. I was given an additional 1 week follow up.

After my follow up, I was told I was free of the most worrisome complications and was instructed to simply take it easy but could resume my normal activities. He told me to eat well and to continue wearing my surgical bra and compression garment arm sleeves. By now, I was starting to feel really great.

Today I feel as though having these procedures was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. My breasts no longer rest on my rib cage and stomach. I went from a GG to an F cup breast size (Yes, I have very large breasts!), and I'm okay with this. My arms are no longer bat wings. The extra skin from both my breasts and arms are gone. The overall appearance of my breasts and arms is much improved. I'm able to wear sleeveless shirts for the first time in my life, and it's seriously like I'm in a dream. I had an anchor breast lift, which gives you scars like an anchor, and fortunately, the scars are barely visible. My breast and arm lift procedures have been life changing. For someone who once weighed more than 340 lbs, I am now at an ideal weight and feel better than ever. Cosmetic surgery was so worth it for me. Thank you, Father God!

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