Experience Getting Porcelain Veneers With Photos and a Video!

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Experience Getting Porcelain Veneers With Photos and a Video! - review image.
Experience Getting Porcelain Veneers With Photos and a Video! - review image.
Experience Getting Porcelain Veneers With Photos and a Video! - review image.

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Performed 2016

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Hey Everyone, I'm Anna and this my experience getting veneers in Sherman Oaks, CA. I'm 27 and got my porcelain veneers in October of 2016. I must say, getting veneers was the best decision I've EVER made! First, I got them done at Southland Dental Care in Sherman Oaks, CA by Dr. Abaian and he did an amazing job!

Anyway, I've always wanted veneers for as long as I can remember, because the two teeth on each side of my front teeth were the size of baby teeth and one of my K9 teeth was discolored because it was apparently a "dead tooth", so it could only be fixed through root canal or a veneer.
With that being said, I did only get veneers on 4 teeth. Some people get their six front teeth done, some people get top and bottom, some people get all their teeth done. I only had issues with 3 teeth but they needed to do 4 so that it was symmetrical and so they could evenly give my small teeth enough space to have larger veneers put in.

As far as the procedure went, it happened over a several weeks time span. First I went in to get my teeth whitened (luckily, they did that part on the house). They needed to see how white my teeth could get to get the nicest veneer shade match. A week after that, I went in to get my veneer shades matched and then after that, yes, they did have to grind my teeth to prepare them for the veneers.

Grinding my teeth down was not as scary as it sounds, I promise! They don't grind them all the way down or sharpen them to a point, which are some rumors I've heard. They do, however, kind of sand down the fronts and back and entire tooth to make room for the veneers. If you have any decalcification (or is it calcification?) marks on your teeth from having braces, they must grind that all the way off, which I happened to have, but obviously, I was fine with that because they would be covering it up.

After my teeth were "sanded", they had to make impressions to send to the tech who would be hand sculpting my veneers. (A quick side note on this guy. He's a Hollywood professional and an artist and matches the veneers to your exact color and texture of your other teeth! They seriously look so natural! - How did you think all of the celebrities have Hollywood smiles!) Back to the procedure... after getting the impressions done, they put temps back in my mouth that matched my original teeth for me to have in my mouth for another week while my veneers were being made. (Another side note... some places have an in-house lab that makes their veneers, but I preferred the guy who sculpted mine by hand and again, they turned out so well!) I only had to have the temps in for about a week until my veneers were ready and it took about 2 hours to get the 4 teeth put in.

Everything was pain-free. They numb you, so you don't have to worry about that. Also, the material that they used for my veneers was made of some new dental materials that are 10X stronger than normal teeth, which makes the veneers very durable.I asked them if people need to get them redone. They said people generally get them done every 10-20 years because teeth shift, but I asked if it would work to just get Invisalign to fix that and they said that's an option!

This is an extremely long review of my experience, but I just wanted to be thorough! As far as the porcelain veneers cost, the range was around $800-$1500 per tooth. I was able to bargain down though and you can do a financial plan. I'm paying around $125 per month in no interest for 18 months. It's very manageable and seriously, the BEST decision I've ever made! I love the way my teeth look. I feel so much more confident since I got my veneers and I absolutely love them!

Dr. Abaian

Sherman Oaks, CA

Southland Dental Care - Sherman Oaks, CA

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