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The way my skin looks is very important to me. I spend a lot of money on skincare products to make sure my skin looks the best it can. My skin looked pretty darn good until I discovered I was developing stretch marks when I was 20 years old. I was a bit shocked when I first discovered them, because I had never been pregnant at that point in my life. I did have and continue to struggle with weight gain on and off though.

I am now in my 30s have one child and don't plan on having any others. Nearly 10 years after first discovering my stretch marks, I wanted to do something to get them removed.

To treat my marks, I initially started buying different stretch mark creams off Amazon, eventually trying some natural remedies, like shea butter, jojoba oil and cocoa butter. None of these beauty products worked. I spent a lot of money and still had my stretch marks looking back at me. Like most products that claim to treat scars, because that what stretch marks basically are, I had no visible results to show.

With home remedies being a big flop, I booked an appointment with a plastic surgeon's office near where I live. When I scheduled my appointment, I was told I would be seeing the physician assistant, who handled scar treatments at Miami Plastic Surgery. I didn't know what a physician assistant was, but if he/she was able to help me with my scars, then I was going to be happy!

The physician assistant I consulted with was Tanya Patron and she was very sweet and knowledgeable. I explained my story to her and she told me that it wasn't just pregnant women who got stretch marks. She said people with weight loss/gain and teenagers with growth spurts could also get them. I guess I fell into both of those categories.

She then looked at my stretch marks and said they were older, so it was best to treat them the same way she would treat other scars. She suggested I do a treatment plan of 6 microneedling treatments, separated by 5-6 weeks between sessions. She told me microneedling was one of the best stretch mark treatments available, especially for darker skinned women and was relatively painless. I was willing to give a try and we did my first treatment session then.

The machine she used looked like a pen with a bunch of needles in it. Almost like a tattoo gun with no ink, even making the same buzzing noise when it was turned on.

Tanya applied a numbing cream and vaseline gel to my stretch marks before we started the microneedling process. The vaseline was used so that the needles could glide over my skin more easily.

Tanya pressed the microneedling device into my skin and glided it over my stretch marks for a few minutes until my skin turned red. I started to bleed a little during my treatment, which Tayna said was a sign that the needles were penetrating into my skin to stimulate collagen production and skin cell turnover. At the conclusion of the procedure, Tanya rubbed a copper cream on the treatment area and that was supposed help with wound healing and repair.

The procedure took about 15 minutes from start to finish and was painless. I could feel the needles going into my skin but it didn't hurt. It almost felt like a vibrating/ticklish feeling. It was actually kind of pleasant. LOL.

For the next day I had redness, but because the procedure was on my outer thighs, it really did not not bother me. It felt like I had a bad sunburn in the spot that was treated and it was very bearable. My skin texture was bit bumpy for a day or so after my procedure too but eventually evened out. 

I returned to Tayna for 5 additional sessions and spent a few thousand in total on my microneedling treatments. I saw a progressively better results with each session that I had and was pleasantly surprised with how good my final results were. My stretch marks no longer stand out so much and even though my skin does not look as good as it did when I was a teenager, I am happy with my results. I would also recommend going to Tanya if you live in South Florida. She was so wonderful throughout my entire experience and her recommendations turned out to be true. I hope I can avoid developing any new stretch marks, but if they return, I would be happy to return to see Tayna. She was great! 


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