Experience With Keloid Removal Surgery

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Before Keloid Removal - Experience With Keloid Removal Surgery  - review image.
After Keloid Removal - Experience With Keloid Removal Surgery  - review image.

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Performed 2018

Zwivel Rating

What looked like an ingrown pimple, turned into quite a painful little spot and it made me anxious.

I decided to get this tiny spot checked out by a doctor, and to see where this bump magically appeared from. My Dr looked at it for a second and said it’s a keloid and it can be removed today. As you can imagine, I was not prepared to have keloid removal surgery, so it came as a shock to me. I decided to follow the Doctor's instructions and removed what looked like a pimple on my back.

He sedated the area with 4 injections (yes you heard right!!) With a blade, he made 4 cuts around the keloid and dug in. He gave it a few minutes, then pulled out the keloid. I had no idea what it looked like, so I was not prepared to see it at all. Once pulled out, he began stitching me back up and what took 4 minutes perhaps, felt like 2 weeks. The act of it did not create any pain, yet the thought made me cry and cringe. Once stitched up, he placed padding and a gauze on it tightly, to heel.

I was so relieved this procedure came to an end and could not be happier. He told me the stitches had to come out in 2 weeks. He then proceeded to show me the keloid that was removed and I was shocked as to how deep it was and how round it was. They sent it away to undergo a biopsy right after my keloid treatment. Once back, the results were normal and it was just created from a sweat gland, thankfully.

Once the stitches were removed, besides a small scar, it looked like nothing had ever occurred, which was great!

It is so important to regularly check your body for scars, changes or any differences in colour. Even though keloids aren't dangerous most of the time, I am glad I got it taken care of!

The cost of my treatment was $1500.

Dr. Lucy Chen

I have a keloid on my breast. Is there a guarantee that if I remove the keloid it will look like the one in this picture? 

Hi - Unfortunately there is no guarantee that your keloid will heal the way mine has. Whenever a keloid is surgically removed, you always run the risk of having another one form. The frequency with which keloids return is pretty high. You can combine keloid removal with compression, radiation and steroid therapies. You should speak with a dermatologist about your keloid and he or she should be able to give you better advice than I can over the internet. Best of luck to you!