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Kybella Injections - Experience With Kybella Injections For Submental Fat  - review image.
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Performed 2017

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Nearly a month ago I decided to have a Kybella treatment for my chin fat. I had never been happy with the appearance of my neck area under my chin. In photos, it often looked look like I had a double chin and it bothered me that I had loose skin hanging from under my jaw, which was never there when I was younger. I wanted a more defined jawline and began looking in to minimally invasive treatments, including Coolsculpting and Kybella injections. After reading a number of reviews online, I decided that Kybella was the best treatment option of the two. Kybella involves the injection of deoxycholic acid, or detergent, to break up the fat cells under your neck. From my understanding, Kybella works by emulsifying your submental fat and causing it to be absorbed by the body, a process that happens naturally in your gut.

In the past, I had received filler and Botox injections from Contempo Aesthetics in Pasadena, California, with Dr. Rachel Reyes-Bergano, or Dr. Rachel as I call her, so I scheduled an appointment to see if I was a good candidate for Kybella.

I arrived at Dr. Rachel's office and met with her. She told me I was a great candidate for Kybella, and went over some of the common side effects of the procedure, which included bruising and swelling at the injection sites. These side effects weren't too alarming, so I was fine with that. Dr. Rachel also said the treatment would cost around $1,000, which I was also fine with. After going over everything, I decided to proceed with the treatment.

The treatment started with one of Dr. Rachel's medical assistants, who was very kind and sweet, placing a numbing cream on my submental area for about 10 minutes. During this time, I was asked if I was comfortable or wanted anything to eat or drink. The atmosphere put me completely at ease and I felt very relaxes. Once the number cream had set in Dr. Rachel came in and prepared the items she needed to perform the procedure. Dr. Rachel started the procedure by placing markings just under my chin area (see attached video). She then began injected Kybella in the treatment area where the markings were. During the procedure, I felt a very slight pressure in my chin, but no pain at all. The pressure went away after 20 minutes and I did not even feel the needle going through my skin. In total, Dr. Rachel injected 3 syringes worth of Kybella into my chin. Before I knew it, the procedure was over. From start to finish, the whole procedure took about 40 minutes.

Before going home, Dr. Rachel gave me a granola bar, water and some ibuprofen to prevent swelling. She also told me my aftercare instructions. She explained that I would near to wear a wrap around my head and neck for the first 24 hours, which was slightly uncomfortable and embarrassing, but I wore it anyway. Doctor's orders! She also told me that if I still had some submental fullness, or fat remaining under my neck area, I would require additional treatments. Then it was time to go home.

The next day my chin felt sore and had a good amount of swelling, which made my chin look even larger than it was prior to the procedure. It took a few weeks, but eventually all of the swelling and soreness dissipated.

Overall my Kybella experience was great. I was left with great results and I'm very happy with the way my chin area looks now. Although I won't know for another few weeks if I'll require another treatment, It won't bother me if I need it. The entire treatment was quick, painless and although it wasn't cheap, the cost was well worth it.

Dr. Rachel Reyes-Bergano,

Pasadena, CA

Contempo Aesthetics - Pasadena, CA

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