Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Review With Video, Cost and Photos

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Hi, I'm 25 years old and live in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. When I was 19, I had laser hair removal treatment done on my face by a cosmetician laser technician. Here's my experience having that procedure done.

I had always had thick eyebrows and body hair growing up. I’m of Mediterranean decent, Italian specifically, and our culture is known for having very thick dark hair. I had been plucking my eyebrows since I was 14, but the hair growth was so bad, that even after plucking, I’d still have stubble at the end of the day; almost like a 5’oclock shadow of coarse hair. I had been searching around for a while about treatments I could have done on my eyebrows, that wouldn’t be overly expensive or painful. Electrolysis was an option, but it wasn’t as permanent as laser treatments for hair removal.

Eventually, I found a place called Lily’s Laser, which now has moved and changed its name to “About Face Laser Clinic” in Sarnia, Ontario. I went in for a consultation, and Lily gave me a variety of options. You could either pay by the session, which was about $50-100 dollars depending on the area, or you could buy packages for a bulk of treatment sessions. Typically, in order to no longer see any hair growth at all you need about 8 treatments, each about 6 weeks apart. With each treatment, there is significant hair reduction, until you have good results that you're happy with. I bought a package, and booked my first appointment. I also think its important to mention as a disclaimer, the laser works by picking up pigment underneath the skin; therefore, directing the laser to exactly where the hair follicles are in order to burn them. This treatment will not work for you if you have blonde or lighter hair. The laser will not be able to detect the hair, and will just pass right over. It also works on people with lighter skin color.

Now, since the eyes are an incredibly sensitive area of the body, when I went in for my first treatment, I had to wear what looked like tanning goggles, except they were metal. The laser unfortunately cannot pass underneath the brow bone because it is too close to the eyes. But, the laser can pass between the eyebrows and on top of the eyebrow. Each treatment lasts about ten minutes, since the face is a relatively small area. The laser feels like small rubbers bands smacking against the skin, with heat as well. It's a burning sensation. You cannot pluck your eyebrows prior to the treatment to get the best results, but you can shave them in desired areas. I had about 5 treatments done and that worked for me wonderfully. Each additional treatment acts as a touch up, until you have removed all of the hair in the treatment area. I have little to no hair growth at all between my eyebrows or on top of them. It appears that I have permanent hair loss in those areas, which is great. It’s much easier to shape my eyebrows and groom them with the lack of hair growth; and the treatment still left me with an eyebrow in order to be able to change the shape slightly if I liked. Would recommend the treatment for anyone suffering from the same issues I mentioned with respect to unwanted hair growth. You should definitely get this treatment done if you have large areas of unwanted hair growth that are difficult to shave and/or cause painful ingrown hairs to form.

I've attached a video of my laser hair removal experience for those interested. The cost of my procedure was $250 per treatment. 

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