Facial Rejuvenation - My First Time with Botox and Fillers! 28 Years Old!

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Before Botox and Fillers - Facial Rejuvenation - My First Time with Botox and Fillers! 28 Years Old! - review image.
Before Botox and Fillers - Facial Rejuvenation - My First Time with Botox and Fillers! 28 Years Old! - review image.
After Botox and Fillers - Facial Rejuvenation - My First Time with Botox and Fillers! 28 Years Old! - review image.

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Performed 2018

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I am in my late 20's and I have started to notices some smile lines and wrinkles on my forehead. What I am most self concious about is my frown lines in between my eyebrows when I make any sort of facial expression. They are deep and plentiful and make it hard for me to not go through my day without covering my eye area with sunglasses or just straight out avoiding people. It has really been a big downer for my confidence so I started looking into the possibility of some sort of facial rejuvenation. I have read that if you start early on you can prevent and prolong other fine lines from forming. So my goal with getting my first injection of dermal fillers and botox was to address my frown lines, smile lines, and forehead wrinkles.

Obviously being in my late 20's I don't have a ton of excess cash, but I was able to budget to get my first injections. I currently live at home with my parents so it is easier for me to save up and have some expendable cash. I spent lots of money and make-ups and cover ups over the years so if a botox injections and fillers made me spend a little less on make up then its a win win. One side note that I am sure many woman have dealt with if they have deep lines is that the make up that is applied in the morning will kind of seep into your lines throughout the day and make them noticeable. This was something i definitely struggled with so I was hoping my visit to the plastic surgeon for some non-invasive facial rejuvenation would also help me in that area as well.

Before I went into the office I made sure to do a lot of research on fillers and botox. There are actually a lot of different brand names and it seemed like a lot of patients saw great results with different brands such as Juvederm ultra, Radiesse, Restylane, Dysport, and many more. I watched a lot of youtube videos and read a lot of reviews about patient's experiences and it made me even more giddy to get my facial rejuvenation.

When I went to the doctor's office for my initial consultation, I explained my concerns with my face and deep wrinkles that have been starting to show. He showed me some before and after pictures of patients who have gotten botox and fillers who were in there late 20's and early 30's and that got me even more excited for the procedure. The only real side effects that he pointed out was that there will be some bruising and swelling near the injection sites. It is absolutely, completely normal and it is nothing to worry about. He mentioned that if for any reason my body rejected the hyaluronic acid fillers, we would be able to reverse the fillers with a chemical called hyaluronidase. But he did say that was quite rare. There are many different types of fillers but the ones that they used in the plastic surgery office were fda approved restylane injectable fillers. After he went through everything I scheduled my appointment for one week out with the nurse injector in the practice.

When I went in for my procedure they brought me back into a room that was just a typical medical room, like being at a regular physician. I had to remove my make up and foundation so they could put numbing cream on my face. After the cream stayed on for about 15 minutes, the nurse injector came back and put dots on my forehead and frown lines and where she was going to inject the botox. I ended up getting 10 units of botox in my forehead and 20 units in my frown line (told you it was bad). The injections took literally 5 minutes and I really didn't feel much pain. It's probably a combination of the numbing cream plus I have never really been bothered by needles. If I had to say any of the injections hurt it would be when they injected right above my eyebrow. But again I would rate the pain at a 3 of 10.

Then we were on to the facial fillers. I got .5 mls of fillers in each cheek and .5 mls in my marionette lines, or smile lines. This took longer than the botox treatment because she has to massage the fillers into the right spot and smooth it out. It took about 30 minutes. After the injections were complete they put arnica cream on my face to help heal the bruising. After that I was free to go on with my day.

The following day I wasn't in any pain but I did have some pretty harsh bruising in the nasolabial folds area. It kind of looked like I was trying to squeeze out some blackheads and they never came out. It was very red and swollen but I was expecting this so I did my botox and fillers on a Friday so I could lay low for the weekend. However, the bruising was still there after 5 days. It went down a bit but still noticeable and a little embarrassing to be in public.

For the first couple weeks after the procedure it was really a weird sensation in my face. It was tough to really move it but after a bit more time I started to be able to get some small movements back. Don't freak out if this happens. I actually called the doctor's office after a week because of the sensation (or lack of sensation) in my face and they said that depending on the patient it is normal to not be able to really have much facial movements at first.

All in all this was exactly what I was looking for. My smile lines looked fantastic and my forehead and frown lines saw amazing results as well. My confidence level is at an all time high. This was my first but not last time getting botox and fillers! I hope this helps someone interested in this journey!

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