Facial With Microdermabrasion With Lisa at Fox River Spa and Salon

user1633248 Patient gender: Female Patient age: 30 Cost: $80

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Performed 2016

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I went to the Fox River Spa and Salon in Carpentersville, IL, a while back for a facial with microdermabrasion treatment. Lisa did my treatment. She was so sweet and caring during my procedure. I wanted to get a facial because I have some acne scars I was hoping to improve and wanted my skin to look more rejuvenated. Fox River was running a deal at the time where they gave you a facial with microdermabrasion for $80. It was a really great deal, so I took advantage of it.

My microdermabrasion experience was wonderful. I went in to the treatment thinking it would hurt and left wondering how quickly I could go back for another one! Lisa started my treatment by removing my makeup with cleansers and then put a warm towel over my face. This was followed by a mild exfoliation scrub, which was applied to my skin to help drive the cleanser down deeper to loosen more dead skin cells. It was basically a prep for the microdermabrasion process that came next.

The microdermabrasion machine didn't look as imposing as I thought it would. It's this small pen looking device that Lisa held in her hand. It has a fine diamond tip and a vacuum. She took a few gentle strokes with it over my forehead and asked if it felt ok. This was my first microdermabrasion treatment, so Lisa told me we would start with the machine on a lower level for the first pass and then if I was ok with it, she would increase the intensity of the machine for the second pass. During the two passes, the microdermabrasion machine scraped and sucked up all of the dead skin on the surface of my face. At no time during the procedure did I feel pain and my skin tolerated it well. Lisa did tell me that for subsequent microdermabrasion treatments, we could swap out the tip for a more abrasive one. I was totally fine during the entire microdermabrasion process.

After my facial came blackhead extractions. Lisa used this tool with a small loop at the tip to extract my blackheads. She would use the loop tool to press down on my pores, the blackhead would pop out of my pore and then she would wipe it away with gauze. Again, I experienced no pain at all.

To finish up the day at the spa, Lisa applied an SPF moisturizer and then gave me a neck and shoulder massage. It was a great conclusion to the day, because I left the spa feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated. My skin wasn't even red after being touched so much and scrubbed! The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend a facial with microdermabrasion to everyone and Lisa was great too! I loved speaking with her during my treatment.


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