Fillers Eliminated The Dark Circles Under My Eyes

Lintour Patient gender: Female Patient age: 35 Cost: $800

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Performed 2018

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The dark circles under my eyes have always bothered me. It's hereditary and even my kids have them. They have always made me self-conscious about my appearance. I wanted them plumped up.

A friend of mine had gone to a plastic surgeon in town and raved about him and his skills with dermal fillers. I liked the way he left her with a natural appearance and scheduled a visit with his office to get my eyes treated.

At my office visit, the doctor told me that he could fill in my tear troughs with 1-2 vials of Juvederm. The cost of the treatment was $800 per vial. At $800 per vial, I was really hoping I only needed 1 vial. I had read about Belotero online as an under eye treatmented and asked him about it. He told me Juvederm and Restylane were two of the best hyaluronic acid fillers on the market for the treatment of the under eye area and he normally preferred them over Belotero for adding volume to the tear troughs. He also said that technically none of the fillers had been FDA approved for the under area area, but were extremely safe and had been approved for other areas.

Before my injections, the doctor's assistant rubbed a numbing lotion all over my under eye area, even putting some on my lower eyelid. The lotion needed to sit there for 15-20 minutes before the doctor returned to perform the injections.

The needles the doctor used for my filler injections were not very big. They reminded me a lot of the needles used when you get the flu vaccine. I felt a little bit of a pinch when the needle was put through my skin but it was tolerable.

The injections took all of 15 minutes and I only needed 1 vial of filler (thank god). My doctor gave me an ice pack to hold under my eyes. He said that the swelling would likely pick up over the next couple days and then subside within a week's time.

When I got into my car and looked in the rearview mirror, I could tell the difference right away. I felt like I looked less tired. I was also surprised that I had no redness or bruising at the injection sites. I looked like myself, only brighter eyed! There was no way anyone would be able to tell I had a procedure done if they saw me right after my injections.

The following day after my injections, I began to swell a bit more. When I looked at my face from the side, I could see a small pocket of swelling that made it look like I had under eye bags. Still no bruising though. That didn't happen until the second day after my procedure. By the third day, I looked like I was in a small quarrel and the bruising under my eyes was noticeable. Makeup covered the bruising really well though. I also experienced minimal pain for the first 3-4 days. It only hurt when I smiled really wide or squinted.

My bruising turned yellow on day 4 and completely disappeared 7 days after. The swelling was gone by day 4.

Having fillers was a great decision for me. I no longer have deep tear troughs and the dark circles under my eyes have disappeared. I have been left with very natural results and no one would even be able to tell I had a treatment performed on my face if I did not tell them.

Even though the cost of facial fillers is very high, I plan on visiting my doctor twice a year for treatments. I think the cost is worth the results. My doctor is great and if you find an experienced injector, you will have a very positive experience with your filler injections.

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