Fillers to My Tear Troughs Was So Worth It. Before and After Pictures of My Tear Trough Treatment Inside.

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Tear Trough Treatment After - Fillers to My Tear Troughs Was So Worth It. Before and After Pictures of My Tear Trough Treatment Inside. - review image.
Tear Trough Treatment Before - Fillers to My Tear Troughs Was So Worth It. Before and After Pictures of My Tear Trough Treatment Inside. - review image.

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Performed 2016

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For as long as I can remember I've always been self-conscious about how deep my under-eye circles are. I didn't have puffy eyes or dark circles most people usually complain about, but if you ran your fingers over my face, you would feel that it's actually just very hollow or deep under my eyes. This is especially apparent in direct sunlight, where my tear trough area actually casts shadows on my face. Not pleasant.

It wasn't until recently that someone told me that there was such a thing as tear trough fillers, which actually fill in the area underneath the eyes to help eliminate deep tear troughs.

I took to the internet and YouTube for tear trough experiences and people's before and after’s were amazing, so I decided I would give it a try.

My biggest concern when getting this done was how much it was going to hurt. The eye area is so sensitive, and the skin in this area is thinner than other areas, so I was concerned about pain from filler injections.

I went to a place called Injex Clinics, where I had previously had dermal fillers injected into my lips and was happy with the results. Since I trusted them, I decided to go to the same nurse I previously went to there (Emma).

She had to feel my face in order to see how deep my tear trough deformity was and to determine what was realistically possible in terms of how noticeable my results would be after my filler injections.

Emma explained that I wouldn't have completely smooth skin under my eyes, but that the fillers would help a lot more than anything else I could do. She explained that the eye area hurts a lot less than the lips, which put me at ease because my lips didn't hurt much at all.

She told me she was going to use Perlane facial filler to inject in my tear troughs. She told me Perlane was part of the Restylane family of hyaluronic acid fillers, which are very safe and effective. She also said that she has found Perlane to have better lifting ability than other fillers.

Before she started my tear trough treatment, she called a doctor on Skype (I think that is one of the laws with cosmetic injectables now, that a doctor needs to be present, or needs to approve it.)

The doctor answered immediately, and Emma explained what I was getting done, and told him what product she was using and where she planned to inject it. He approved it and asked me if I had any questions for him, which I didn't because Emma had answered them all and so we proceeded.

She wasn't lying when she said the pain was minimal. It felt like almost nothing at all.

She completed the procedure with my eyes closed and it was over before I knew it.

When she showed me the mirror, I noticed the results instantly. My under eye area looked and felt so smooth.

The area underneath my eyes was swollen from the filler, but it was so nice to finally feel my face without the hollow sunkenness under my eyes.

There were some tiny red marks at the injection sites immediately after my procedure. She recommended that I not apply makeup that same evening. But to apply makeup from the second day onwards was absolutely fine.

When I woke up the following day, the small red marks were still under one eye, and there was also a tiny bit of bruising (also minimal), that I was easily able to cover with concealer for work.

I don't think you need any downtime or time off from work at all for this procedure.

Over the next few weeks, the filler settled in and while there is still slight indentation under my eyes, it is so much better.

This was one of the most rewarding fillers that I have had, as I love to wear lots of eye makeup, and I always felt that the look of my under eye hollows ruined it.

I definitely recommend getting this done.

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