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Hey guys! I wanted to share my experience with cosmetic dentistry because I consider it a life-changing experience. For those that are unfamiliar, porcelain veneers offer the dual benefit of beautiful looking teeth that are also resilient and durable, similar to the natural enamel of a tooth. There are different reasons as to why people get them, but it offers people the chance for whiter teeth, straighter teeth, and an overall smile makeover. It has definitely caught on as a major trend and it’s not uncommon for many of the celebrities we see to have them.

They are called dental veneers because they are essentially bound to your original tooth and function in the same way after being applied. Your typical dental and oral health routine will not change and veneer maintenance is very simple. In addition, because of the high-tech material that is often used in their construction, they resist stains that would typically affect normal teeth, such as coffee stains and cigarettes. Not that this was a major concern for me; I mention it simply to point out their durability and consistent white appearance.

Ideally, this review will be both informative and personal in nature. My story is a bit different in that I had an accident when I was around 8 years old that resulted in two damaged teeth. One of the teeth chipped off while the other was pushed further up into my gum. Because these were my permanent teeth, there was not much the dentists could do. Plus, you cannot get veneers until you’re at least 16 years old.

Needless to say, the years following my accident were pretty rough for me. Just in case you were wondering, it wasn’t anything serious or life-threatening; I just took a bad fall while horsing around with my sister. Even though dentists had fixed my teeth as much as they could, I still had two different color teeth due to the fillers they added. High school was pretty rough as people would constantly make fun of me for it and there was not much I could do until I became old enough to get the porcelain veneers.

When I finally started the process and consultations, my cosmetic dentist actually instructed me to look at various magazine and photos in order to choose the teeth I wanted. This is one of the great things of the cosmetic surgery in that you can customize exactly what you’re hoping to achieve with your tooth structure. Ultimately, I decided to have 6 teeth done because I have a wider smile, but the number of teeth is also an option you will go over. As I mentioned, because my decision to get veneers was a result of an accident, I wanted as much of a natural look as possible especially in my upper teeth that were damaged. Ideally, aside from being beautiful and white, I wanted the veneers to emulate my natural teeth as if I didn’t have the accident.

After the dentist and I decided on the shape and size I wanted, they are able to simulate what your teeth will look like after the procedure using 3-D imaging and some digital machine they had. Apparently this is referred to as cosmetic imaging. Honestly I was skeptical at first, but the end result closely resembled what they showed me before the procedure.

When the day of the surgery arrived, I was pretty nervous because the actual process freaked me out. My mom had explained that before applying the veneers, the dentist files down your teeth to create room for the veneer. Truth be told, it’s not a major amount, but you could feel it if you slide your tongue over it. This is the reason some refer to the veneers as “caps” or “ dental crowns” because that is essentially what they are. Also, this is another reason why you should do your research and feel comfortable with the dentist you go with. Because they remove part of your natural tooth, that is irreversible. Of course, you can always adjust the veneer shape, but it’s something to be aware of.

Other than my anxiety, the procedure itself was very smooth. I was fortunate enough to have known my dentist for a long time and had the utmost trust in him, which is very important. He knew I was nervous and made sure to make me feel comfortable. He played music, gave me sunglasses to protect my eyes from shavings, and had a great bedside manner. I was also pleasantly surprised that the procedure took only a little more than an hour for all 6 teeth. After a bit of time holding your mouth open, your jaw starts to hurt, but it was a minor inconvenience that is well worth it to get the perfect smile.

When it was all said and done, I couldn’t be happier with my results. It’s not a cheap procedure, with an average porcelain veneers cost of $1,000/tooth, but the cost pales in comparison to the security and confidence I now have. For someone who had waited to fix my crooked teeth for many years, achieving both a natural look and beautiful smile was a major source of joy for me. Without getting too sentimental, going through those years looking as I did taught me a lot about myself and made me a stronger person. For anyone who says cosmetic surgery is just superficial and a waste, I can confidently say that who I am as a person hasn’t changed since the surgery. I honestly knew my self-worth and beauty before the procedure and this has just added to it. With that said, you have to do what you want in life and only you know what’s best for you.

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I truly agree with you. Porcelain veneers are ultra thin so once you get used to it you don't even feel that you have veneers on your teeth.Also they don't stain like regular teeth so that is a plus point.