Fraxel Laser Sessions Really Helped Improve My Acne Scars

AmjadAlsabagh Patient gender: Female Patient age: 21 Cost: $1,740

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Before Fraxel Laser - Fraxel Laser Sessions Really Helped Improve My Acne Scars  - review image.
Before Fraxel Laser - Fraxel Laser Sessions Really Helped Improve My Acne Scars  - review image.
After Fraxel Laser - Fraxel Laser Sessions Really Helped Improve My Acne Scars  - review image.
After Fraxel Laser - Fraxel Laser Sessions Really Helped Improve My Acne Scars  - review image.
Number Cream Before Fraxel Procedure - Fraxel Laser Sessions Really Helped Improve My Acne Scars  - review image.

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Performed 2018

Procedure review


My name is Amjad, I’m a 19-year-old from Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been suffering with severe acne for over six years. I finally decided to go on Accutane, which completely cleared my acne. However, all those years of popping my pimples came with bad consequences. Although my acne was cleared, my skin was left with very severe scars. After reading multiple great reviews on dermatologist Maxwell Sauder, I decided to save up all the money I had made working part-time to try and get rid of my acne scars.



After saving up money, I decided to book my consultation. The consultation was $100 and after Dr. Sauder inspected my skin, he concluded that fractional laser would be the most appropriate treatment for it. He told me about the risks that come with fractional laser, such as possibilities of laser damage, however, Dr. Sauder said that he was extremely experienced and nothing like that would happen. I asked how many treatments I needed in order to make my skin clear and I was told that three fractional laser sessions would make my scars disappear. This was a huge red flag for me, because I knew that acne scars are incredibly hard to completely remove, and I was being promised that all I needed was three sessions. I was told that these sessions would be around $580 each due to the student discount that they give. They also tried to sell me a kit for clearing acne for $140 and chemical peel sessions before my laser to “get rid of my black heads” and “exfoliate my skin.” I decided to purchase the acne clearing kit, since I still get pimples once in a while. From my experience, my Walmart cleanser that costs $10 worked better than that entire kit. Looking back at it now, the consultation contains lots of fake promises in an attempt to make their customers spend as much as they can.



As I arrived for my first session, I was greeted very warmly and guided towards a private room where the nurse would be applying the numbing cream on my face. After applying the numbing cream, we waited 30 minutes in order for the numbing cream to work effectively. I was then guided towards another room, where the procedure would take place. I was given glasses that prevent damage towards the eyes from the laser. As it started, I remember thinking to myself about the excruciating pain. I was thinking about whether or not I could continue or not. The dermatologist was very encouraging and constantly asked me if I needed a break. They went over my scars three times with the laser device, with breaks between each time. The pain of the laser is much like an incredibly strong bee sting on your face. After the procedure, I could feel how hot my face was without even touching it. They applied a cooling gel, which felt absolutely amazing and they took the glasses off. I was given an ice pack and a paper with certain procedures I had to do following my procedure.



The sessions would be one and a half months apart from each other. Following the procedure, I was advised to do the following:

  • Apply cold gel packs every hour following the first 12 hours of the procedure
  • Gentle cleansing and the use of a non-irritating cosmetics are permitted after treatments
  • To avoid injury, avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks following the treatment. It is highly recommended that you use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.
  • Avoid exercise for 1 to 3 days following treatment
  • Once the treatment has healed, some itching or dryness may occur. This will gradually clear
  • The person being treated may experience a lingering deep heating sensation after treatment typically 1-2 hours

The hardest to overcome was avoiding sun exposure for two weeks and always having to carry sun screen everywhere I went. It was a huge hassle especially during the summer.


Results & Final Thoughts

The results were quite impressive. I didn’t completely have the clear skin I was promised, but for for only three treatments, my skin had very drastic improvements and I look forward to doing this procedure again.

Dr. Maxwell Sauder

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