From a 36G to a C - My Breast Reduction Story

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Performed 2015

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Hey, my name is Britteni. I am 31 years old, and I live in Norfolk Va. My surgeon's name was Dr. Guy Trengove-Jones.

First, I want to say that I had the most wonderful surgeon in the world! My breast reduction journey started from childhood. I began to develop breasts around 11 years old. Within two years of that, they were Ds and then double Ds! Mind you, I hadn't even started high school yet. By the time I was in the 8th grade, I was a DD and wearing the same style and bra size as my grandmother! This was extremely embarrassing and limited me physically. I had issues jumping, running and even playing regular sports as a child. My large breasts weighed heavily on my back and shoulders. I could never find a cute or appealing bra, and the ones that I did find, cost in the $60-70 range and sometimes even $80 range!! I struggled with back pain, shoulder indentations from my bra straps, migraines and numbness in my hand/arm (which were from my breasts).

After having my son, I was a 36 G. Breastfeeding caused my breasts to not only grow but also sag. I finally decided to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon in April 2015. 2 weeks after that, I had my surgery.

Before you think I jumped right into this surgery, understand that I did weeks, maybe even months of research before my consultation. I researched the best doctor, breast reduction techniques and even went on YouTube and watched tons of videos just hoping to see some positive results, looking for reassurance that this was the right decision for me. I won't lie - some of the videos freaked me out and I thought about backing out of surgery.I prayed about it and eventually decided to proceed and picked a surgeon.

During my consultation, my doctor asked me questions and I had questions for him. He told me about his career as a plastic surgeon and all the experience he had with breast reduction surgeries. He agreed that my breasts were too big, and one of the indicators for him, were the deep indentations in my shoulders from my bras holding my big boobs up! When he told me I would be a large C cup, I was shocked and very hesitant to go that small! From a 36 G to a C.....I mean they hurt but I wanted to have something left!

The last thing I needed to secure the deal was my doctor's before and after pictures. Him and his staff showed them to me, showed me where my scars would be and pretty much everything else I needed to know. They also told me during the 2 weeks leading up to my surgery to write down any questions I had, but they were so informative and helpful during my consultation, I really didn't have any. I paid about $40 some odd dollars all together for my entire procedure! My insurance company was excellent. I had Tricare insurance.

Before my procedure, I had the usual blood work and health check done. And on the day of my surgery, I arrived early in the morning, got changed into a surgical gown and they put my IV in. Then they went over my health history and that was that. From arrival until the time of my surgery, I had already been at the hospital for about 2 hours. Then Dr. Trengove came into the pre-op room. He was very nice, attentive, funny and even a little sarcastic. Although I was laughing and having a good time, when I went into the operating room and got on the operating table, my nerves got bad! I was nervous and anxious. So much so, that my breathing began to change! I guess one of the nurses noticed me getting anxious, or perhaps it was just a coincidence, because she gave me some Valium through my IV. That relaxed me. and then I remember her telling me to count backwards from 10. In the process of doing that, I passed out!

When I woke up, I was in a post-op "healing room" going in and out of sleep. They kept my fluids and pain meds flowing during this time. I was still woozy from "going under" and needed assistance using the restroom and walking. There was a nurse there to help me with that.

Two minutes after being in recovery, I looked down to check out my new body. Although my breasts were taped very securely, they looked so small! I couldn't believe my eyes. I was like OMG my boobies are gone! My husband was upset because he loved them and when he first saw them, he thought my doctor had removed way too much breast tissue! I just kept telling him 'wait until the tape comes off before passing judgement.'

I had to stay in recovery for one night and was then allowed to go home. My husband and son came to visit me, and so did my doctor, who wanted to know if I was ok and what I thought. I told him I felt great - my back and neck pain was instantly gone. As far as pain with regards to the surgery, it was about a level 6 at the worst point. The car ride home was nerve-wracking from all the bumps and bouncing, especially with my boobs being so tender!

When I got home, I slept a lot. In fact, I was tired until I stopped taking the pain meds I was prescribed. Once I stopped taking them, I could function normally again. I still wasn't able to reach over my head for a while or lift my son, who was 4 at the time. Other than that, life was normal.

About a week after my surgery, I returned to my doctor for a follow-up appointment to have my drainage tubes removed. It was the most excruciating pain I'd ever felt in my life! OMG! It's funny, because I was expecting so much pain during my recovery, and that was the only painful thing during my whole recovery process! Lol!

You will understand why they call the pain you'll experience during recovery as 'zingers.' They're sharp shooting, almost itchy feeling pains, that come randomly. This happens for about 4 months after surgery. It's also recommended to keep your breasts dry after showers or wash ups! I was told not go swimming until after my breasts were completely healed. I used healing cream as I saw fit too. Everyone's skin is different, so you should figure out how much you need on your own. You may not need anything. Luckily, I didn't. My scars healed beautifully!

Going through with my breast reduction was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love my new breasts. I love what an amazing job my surgeon did. My scars have healed beautifully! I love how cheap my bras are. I love that bras are now optional. I love that all the pain associated with my huge breasts is finally gone! I have freedom with my wardrobe. I'm not physically limited anymore. 

For more information and visuals of my breast reduction journey, check out the 3 videos I've included (2 attached and 1 below). I did a 2 week, 3 week and 1 year post-op video. I hope this helps you with your breast reduction journey and good luck!

Dr. Guy Trengove-Jones

Norfolk, VA

Sentara - Norfolk, VA

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