Frozen Forehead and Droopy Eyebrows - NOT what I asked for!

1stTimerFREAKINGOUT Patient gender: Female Patient age: 58 Cost: $440

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2019

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After reading through this site, I am certain I have received entirely too much Botox in my forehead.  This was my first experience and it has been heartbreaking.  I visited a well respected plastic surgeons office with amazong reviews.  The nurse administering the Botox has been with the doctors office for over 12 years and she herself had great reviews.  

I asked for a "natural look" and to please make certain my brow had an "arch".  What I have is a frozen forehead that looks like a twelve head!  By brow dropped so now I look angry and sad ALL THE TIME.  My eyes used to be my smile...but they now look hollow and I can't even raise my eyebrows...AT ALL!  I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon today (2 weeks post injection).  They said a brow lift may give me the deisred arch in my brows, but the "frozen" look will have to wear off....Not sure if I want them injecting anything else in my face.  If the forehead muscles are completely frozen, won't addining more Botox make it worse? Any suggestions? I have six hours before I have to go to the would be great to hear from an expert in regards to my concerns.                                                            

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