FUE Hair Transplant - $12,000 in Austin, Texas - Photos & Videos of My Experience

DavidDiMuzio Patient gender: MalePatient age: 33 Location: Austin Cost: $12,000

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FUE Hair Transplant - $12,000 in Austin, Texas - Photos & Videos of My Experience - review image.
FUE Hair Transplant - $12,000 in Austin, Texas - Photos & Videos of My Experience - review image.

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Performed 2017

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My name is David and I'm 30 years old. I live in Nashville, TN, but had my procedure done by Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, TX. 

I’ve chosen FUT (follicular unit transection) because after much research, I found it to be the best method currently available to move the largest amount of hair per-transplant surgery, and my personal goal was to achieve a full head of hair and redesign my entire hairline. Any hair transplant you do will leave some sort of scar. There is no such thing as a scarless procedure whether you choose FUT or FUE and no matter what surgeon you choose. So, if you plan to shave your head completely in the future don’t get a hair transplant. Dr. Daniel McGrath made me feel very comfortable because of the amount of time he took to talk about the positives and negatives of the various types of procedures. He also made it clear that before starting any surgery I needed to stabilize any hair loss I was continuing to have by maintaining an excellent preventive treatment regimen. I chose low level laser therapy and bought a laser helmet from iRestore which I now use religiously as instructed. I also admire the fact that Dr. McGrath consistently performs both FUT, FUE, Skin Micro Pigmentation, as well as Acell/PRP so there is not a bias on his part in feeling the need financially to push me towards one kind of hair "solution" or another other besides what he thinks would help me achieve my goal of having the most hair possible growing on the top of my head with a natural and youthful looking hairline. Obviously if you go to an FUE only doctor chances are they will tell you “You’re a candidate for FUE” and if you go to an FUT only surgeon they will probably tell you “FUT is for you”. So, I think finding a surgeon that has excellent before and after pictures of their own that they can show of former patients they’ve performed both types of surgeries on is a must because it will further guarantee you a less biased opinion. Also, I got to see other patients of Dr. McGrath's in-person. If you can I suggest you see other patients in-person that your surgeon has done surgery on prior to getting a transplant with them. On occasion, some companies offering hair restoration have been known to use before and after pictures from procedures their own company, surgeon, or hair re-growth product took no part in. Since having my surgery I’ve gone back to see surgeries performed on other patients, both FUE and FUT. It was incredibly eye opening to watch (which not having surgery performed on me) what happens during each portion of the procedure and how important each person including the technicians are in cutting the hair tissue into grafts, placing the grafts …etc. It’s obviously half science and half art. Even if the surgeon is excellent if one member of his team is not it could lead to a large portion of your grafts dying instead of growing as they should because they weren’t meticulously cut or well placed. 

 In closing, I’m very happy with my choice to go the hair transplantation route. Though I’ve needed three surgeries and some skin micro pigmentation to create the look of density I wanted, but I now have the hairline and overall look I always dreamed I would have as an adult. Part of that is in luck that I chose the right surgery to start and have used my donor area wisely. I was also lucky that I have excellent donor area density and hair on the thicker side. If I had chosen FUE to start I’m sure I wouldn’t be at the place that I am now. You must develop a well thought out plan in terms of finances, preventative treatment, type of transplant, and surgeon. If you have a realistic plan and expectations though getting a hair transplant is a surgery that can change your life drastically for the better, it has mine. 

Dr. Daniel McGrath


McGrath Medical - Austin

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