A Funny Coolsculpting Fat Freezing Review For 2018

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Procedure review

The question my friends always ask me is: does Coolsculpting work? I think the answer to that is 'it depends on your circumstances.' If you haven't hit your weight loss goals, I would not bother visiting a doctor for a Coolsculpting treatment. You'd be wasting your money if you're more than 10 pounds over your ideal weight. I know people want a quick solution, but Coolsculpting is not this magical fat freezing wand that's going to make your belly fat simply go away. That is not going to happen! If you were thinking that's what Coolsculping was going to do, you can stop reading my review now and should get yourself on a diet and exercise routine. I don't mean to be so frank, but you'll save yourself a ton of money and will thank me later. My treatment cost $6500 and it removed such a small amount of excess fat that most people would not notice.

If you want to know what the Coolsculpting procedure is like, I'll tell you. You go in to a treatment room, a really cold gel and rubber grommet is placed on your treatment area and then the technician places a handheld apparatus that attaches to the Coolsculpting machine on the gel they just placed on your body. The machine is turned on and you feel your skin and fat get sucked inside of it. You feel pain for around 10 seconds and then you feel your skin getting really cold. A few minutes after that and the treated area is numb. And I mean numb, like you could be stabbed in the same spot with a knife and would not feel it numb. 30 minutes of freezing and the technician removes the machine and goes to the next treatment area. Finished. 

Why did I get Coolsculpting and what was my Coolsculpting experience like?

I'll be the first to admit I should have been much stricter with my diet and did more cardio but I decided to snap my wallet in half instead. I had a small belly, almost a bulge and it was not like my gut was overhanging my shorts (see the photos I've attached to this review). I needed to lose weight but I was lazy. Period. I live in Phoenix and should have got my butt outside and ran more. You'll hear no excuses from me. I'm not like that. My belly area needed work and I took the easy way out and went with Coolsculpting.

The procedure is somewhat pleasant. It was similar to going to a spa and getting a massage, but instead of a masseuse touching you, an icicle is strapped on your stomach. The machine is so cold I almost think I felt my fat cells exploding. That or my nerves were so frozen they didn't know what they were feeling. Whatever I was feeling, it was a weird sensation. Almost like my nerves were tingling. Does that make sense?

Did I see any fat reduction on my stomach?

I did. My belly does not protrude like it did before the two separate treatment sessions I had. (First treatment: top and bottom of abdomen, same for second one) I jokingly tell my friends Coolsculpting is a skin tightening procedure. My skin does look tighter. 

What was my recovery like?

There was no recovery. There was no swelling, no bruising, just a frozen block of fat and skin right after the machine was removed that was massaged a bit and went away not long after. I had some red areas on my skin from the cold and suction but they too went away. By the time I got back to my house, it was like I was sitting with ice on my body for an hour.

Would I do it again?

Can't afford to! The $6500 I paid put a deep hole in my pocket. I can't even say if I had stubborn fat. I would call it unwanted fat because it may not have been that stubborn had I exercised more and cleaned up my diet. I took the easy way out and if you want an easy fat reduction treatment that doesn't require you to undergo a surgical procedure where a long tube is stuck inside your body and fat is sucked out, then this treatment is for you. And please remember, this is not a weight loss procedure! It's a body contouring or toning treatment. You'll be really mad if you go in thinking this machine is going to shed 20+ pounds from your body. 

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