Gained 12 Lbs For My BBL Surgery

Bebe85 Patient gender: Female Patient age: 35 Cost: $5,500

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Butt Before BBL Surgery - Gained 12 Lbs For My BBL Surgery  - review image.
Butt 3 Months After BBL Surgery - Gained 12 Lbs For My BBL Surgery  - review image.

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"Brazilian butt lift"


Performed 2017

Procedure review

On November 16, 2017, I had brazilian butt lift surgery after gaining 12 lbs. I'm 32 years old and was the same age when I had my bbl. Pre-op I was 5'8" and 142 lbs. I have a smaller frame, high metabolism and live an active lifestyle. I wanted a big full butt and my surgeon told me to try and gain 15 lbs. I was able to gain 12 and it all went to my stomach.

My surgery was done under general anesthesia and the whole day is pretty much blacked out in my mind. It was a little bit of a struggle for the first few days of my recovery. I had soreness which was managed with pain meds. I also had to rest and sit a certain way not to damage my BBL fat. It was mentally hard too because you don't know what your final results are going to look like while you're healing. Once I got through the first two weeks, I started seeing results and got really excited. Here I am at over 4 months post-op and I love the way my bottom looks now.

My recommendation for women considering bbl surgery is just get it done. Don’t think about it too much like I did. It's so nice having a flat stomach and a big butt now. Even when my weight fluctuates, the fat seems to go to my ass and not my stomach. I would also suggest wearing your compression garment religiously. This will play an important role in the way you heal. I do a lot of cardio now and I'm careful not to go long periods without taking a break. I don't want the fat cells that were transferred to my butt to flatten out. I usually do 5 minutes on of the stairs and then 5 minutes off. You don't want to spend hours doing the same cardio exercise.

BBL surgery was a great thing for me. It gave me the curves I was looking for. It's a good surgery if you're looking for a larger bottom.

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