Good Experience With Coolsculpting Treatments at Clarity Medical Aesthetics

user1591692 Patient gender: Female Patient age: 43 Cost: $5,000

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Performed 2018

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I had 2 Coolsculpting procedures done early last year at Clarity Medical Aesthetics in Guilford, CT.

There were areas of my body I was not happy with. I had love handles and a pooch on my abdomen that I could pinch with my fingers. Even with over an hour of cardio a day, the pockets of stubborn fat I had remained. I was not willing to get surgery and so I decided to investigate non-invasive fat reduction treatments available on the market. Coolsculpting seemed to be the most popular and most reviewed treatment. There were so many positive reviews from people who had it done, it was impossible to read them all. I liked what I had read about the procedure and scheduled an appointment with Clarity.

The Coolsculpting procedure was very quick and the only pain I experienced was during the first few minutes after the applicator was placed on my body. I felt a tugging sensation as my stomach fat was pulled into the machine, a freezing sensation and then my skin went numb and I was comfortable for the remainder of the treatment.

I had no downtime after the procedure. There was no swelling and I wasn't bruised. It did take 4 months for me to see results in the treated area, but I was pleasantly surprised when they did show up. My skin is now much tighter and I can fit into clothes that were previously tight on me.

My experience with Clarity was very positive. They were very pleasant to deal with from my first visit until my final Coolsculpting treatment. I plan on going back to them for other aesthetic services in the near future and would recommend them if you live near Guilford.