Good Experience With MiraDry and Dr. Suzanne Leaf

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Performed 2018

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Before Getting MiraDry, I had done a ton of research on the best treatments for underarm sweating. I'm from California but I'm currently living in Canada because I of my husband's job.

The scariest part of the MiraDry procedure was the large number of freezing lidocaine numbing injections they have to give you. I am very scared of needles and shared this with my doctor, Dr. Suzzane Leaf. She was very understanding and was able to distract me to the point where I only slightly felt the first few needle pricks and then I was okay. I believe I received around 20 injections. Each injection is placed at a spot on this grid that is drawn on your arm.

Dr. Leaf's medical assistant/technician came in after I was numb to start the MiraDry procedure. The MiraDry machine has this suction cup device, which delivers the microwaves used to destroy your sweat glands, that the technician holds to your armpits for a few moments and then moves to a different location. There were only a few areas of my armpit that were sensitive and the technician asked if I needed more of the numbing agent (The machine was also cranked up to a level of 4 for certain areas where I sweated the most). I said I didn't and the procedure was over in what seemed like minutes.

When I was done, I was given ice packs and drove myself home. By the time I got home, I was very swollen. My armpits had these large bulges from all the swelling. I wasn't in any pain, but my pits did have this burning sensation. I would say it was an uncomfortable feeling but I could stand it. It took a good 5-6 days until the majority of my swelling went down. I took a few Ibuprofens here and there to help with the swelling and by the end of weekq , my pits still had some swelling but I could hide it well. It took 3-4 weeks before my armpits had completely returned to normal.

I had my Miradry treatments 3 months ago and have noticed a huge improvement in the amount of underarm sweat my body produces. I would say my sweat was reduced 70-80% from the single treatment I had. There are still some occasions where I'll sweat more than I'd like, but I'm pretty good at knowing what situations will cause to be to sweat excessively and will preparing by wearing darker clothes.

I would say that MiraDry is a wonderful treatment. It greatly reduced my excessive sweating and is permanent, unlike Botox, where you have to go back every few months. My Doctor, Dr. Suzanne Leaf at Leaf Cosmetic Clinic in St. Thomas, Ontario, and her staff were really kind and great during my procedure too.

Dr. Suzanne Leaf

St. Thomas, Ontario

Leaf Cosmetic Clinic - St. Thomas, Ontario

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